Women In Leadership: Ways To Ensure Equality In The Organization

Women In Leadership: Ways To Ensure Equality In The Organization

Women are leading across various industries and are breaking that glass ceiling set by the society where roles are allocated based on the physical aspects, race, gender, and choices they make. Leadership does not come by just aspirations; it needs passion, dedication, confidence, risks, and a positive attitude to accomplish success. This article will shed light on bringing equality within the organization and emerging many more women leaders within your organization to reach the path of success and change society. 

Hear them out: Many women do not speak their heart out in the professional atmosphere. The management must ensure an open environment and an open-door policy where their women workforce can share what matters to them, give feedback, suggest improvements, and highlight issues. Fair payment or a high designation is not just what matters. Allowing them to speak, involving them, giving them opportunities, and considering their opinions goes hand-in-hand.

Treat women as professionals: Women are judged based on the choices they make. Never underestimate or forecast her behaviour on your assumptions. Women appreciate where she is considered a professional, respected, and felt part of the organization. Her personal affairs or life choices cannot decide if she is suitable to take up responsibility or get a massive project that the organization has opted for.  

Offer flexibility: Every organization has a women workforce across diverse phases of life. Some may be a daughter, mother, wife, or friend. There may be times when she may require choosing her personal matters overwork. A flexible work policy ensures a people-first organization and loyal employees as they feel a sense of belongingness. The organization must support her in playing her other roles and minimizing the burden that she has on her shoulders.

Stop feeling pity for her: It is discouraging when superiors or male counterparts feel pity about their women workforce. It kills their confidence which may also lead to frustration and irritation over a period of time. An organization that has a positive outlook towards their employees have result-oriented professionals and outperformers. It is vital to have an equal perspective on every employee who is associated with your organization.

Acknowledge her achievements: It gives a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction when appreciated and recognized for your efforts. Acknowledging good work done by the women workforce bolsters confidence, motivates them to take risks and grab opportunities that come their way. Acknowledgement is a proven method of motivation. If you spot anyone stealing ideas shared by your women staff, immediate actions must be taken as honesty matters the most for any organization!

The major giveaway is to stop treating your employees differently and look at every individual who is a part of your organization with the same lens. Avoiding bias in any manner is essential if you would like to build your organization a great place to work.   

  • By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs

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