Vrutika Dawda, IdeateLabs: ‘Woman for Women’ in the business world

Vrutika Dawda, IdeateLabs: ‘Woman for Women’ in the business world

We live in a fast-paced world where everyone is working towards building their career, fighting their own battles, and competing with their competitors or sub-ordinates. In this era where personal choices and preferences rule, it has become much more critical to support and take a stand for each other. While some women are achieving massive success, others are still struggling to build their territory. As a woman, it is imperative to understand other women, feel the challenges they face and try to help by giving solutions when required.

A harsh reality is that a woman sees another woman as her competitor. However, it is healthy in some cases, but it seems to be a massive issue in other situations. On account of International Women’s Day, I would like to urge everyone to understand that we all must stand for each other and raise a voice when we spot an illicit occurrence or injustice happening to another woman. It is now the time to stop ganging up against each other, defaming, judging by physical appearances or choices.

I see a handful of women who consider their female subordinates’ issues in today’s business atmosphere. They refrain from giving opportunities to other women or support them. Time has now arrived when we must show empathy to others and act like true leaders who keep their teams first and let others grow and achieve their dreams. It will give rise to many other women leaders and superwomen who are independent, running their families and establishing their businesses. Everyone needs a chance; we must contribute if we can do so to transform others’ lives.

Women are a part of every sector and are breaking that glass ceiling set by society when women are restricted to a separate set of jobs. Sectors like media, advertising, entertainment, technology are often referred to the male-dominated industries. However, the new age women have entered these markets and are setting newer benchmarks and showing the world that gone are those days when people decide what they are capable of doing.

‘Woman for Women’ is the most critical point-of-view for women in leadership roles in today’s age. All the women in leadership positions must understand how important it is to stand for each other and raise their voice when required. You can play an essential role in shaping your female sub-ordinates career, giving them equal opportunities, empowering them, and motivating them to go beyond their capacities to create a mark that they truly deserve.

This concept will create a chain. When one woman helps the other woman, she will do the same for others. It will then become a practice and be implemented by all the women out there. It will set new examples and build confidence amongst all the women, give them the courage to start something new, and motivate them to give credit to those who deserve it. What is important is to begin with it. Women will then be able to match up to the pace with their male counterparts. It will create synergy and, in the bigger picture, improve the economy.

Many practices, policies and rules can be introduced within the organizations, ensuring equal growth and opportunities to the deserving candidates. Here are a few ways to reinforce your women workforce to create a highly competitive work atmosphere:

  • Giving opportunities: When everyone gets the chance to think and come up with their thoughts, they bring the best to the table. You can evaluate their true potentials based on it, ensure better job allocation and optimum utilization of the resources. 
  • Appreciation: This is the most effective way to reinforce consistent performance, good work, improve work quality and ensure job satisfaction.
  • Nurturing healthy conflicts: Innovation and creativity comes hand-in-hand with healthy conflicts. It is crucial to inculcate the habit of having healthy conflicts and discussions. It leads to path-breaking ideas, concepts and having a results-oriented framework. 
  • Feedback: Giving honest feedback is a must. It will help the other person understand their strengths and weaknesses, which can be improved and worked upon.  
  • Set goals: Goal setting is significant. It acts as a roadmap to plan actions. However, setting realistic goals matters the most; otherwise, the business would never reach the path of success. 

‘Woman for Women’ is the need of the hour. Let us all pledge to stand for each other and create a new world where there is unity and growth for every woman out there!

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