Women in Leadership: Ensuring equality for the organizational workforce

Women in Leadership: Ensuring equality for the organizational workforce

Equality is the most critical element for any organization. If there is no equality, there will be no peace or prosperity. Ensuring equality is a must for any leader irrespective of their gender or community.  If an organization fails to demonstrate equality amongst their workforce, they will definitely suffer losses, not just in terms of the brand image but also loosing out the deserving candidates. It is imperative to have a highly competitive work atmosphere in order to gain success and the desired business outcome. 

Women leaders are proven to be the best because of their intellect, emotional quotient and the communication skills they possess. Women, by nature, are better at understanding other’s problems and challenges. They are naturally empathetic in nature which is highly appreciated by the employees and their subordinates. Women are now ruling across diverse industries and running million-dollar companies.

However, in many companies, it is still a practice where the male counterparts get better and bigger opportunities, are encouraged to take risks and are given better salaries. Such instances showcase that the women workforce is somewhere left behind when it comes to challenging conditions or handling crisis situations.  In order to ensuring equality in the organization, various initiatives, policies and practices can be undertaken.

Giving equal opportunities: It is of utmost importance to provide equal opportunities to the employees. Setting barriers or limitations on the basis of gender must be immediately stopped. One never knows who can bring path-breaking ideas or concepts during a critical situation. Gone are the days when there were pre-defined roles based on the candidate’s gender or race. Equal opportunity for everyone leads to an organization’s success and ensures job satisfaction amongst employees.

Paying better salaries to the deserving employees: Defining employee compensation on the basis of their gender is injustice. Paying compensation on the basis of expertise and work that people bring to the table is essential. Women employees are equivalent when it comes to brining in the best of ideas or concepts. It is highly motivational for the women staff to get equal payment for the work they do and all the efforts they take to amp up the organizational performance.

Appreciating the most deserving: Reward and recognition is one of the most effective organizational practice. It has the power to reinforce behavior and bolster the employee-performance. Appreciating the deserving candidates is the people-friendly approach of any organization. Everyone loves to be recognized for the best work they do. If there is a bias on the basis of the gender or favoritism, the employees will naturally lack vigor, confidence and motivation to perform their best.    

Hiring on the basis of expertise: Organizational hiring patterns speaks a lot about how the organization perceives and treats its people. If the hiring and promotions are based on the gender, the employee growth seems to be restricted. In order to avoid a biased individual growth, it is vital to evaluate the employee’s strengths, weakness and capabilities. If the management is well-aware of their workforce, such decisions would never go wrong or distinguished.

These are a few, amongst many initiatives to ensure equality within the organization. Practice these to have a highly successful and a modernized business enterprise!    

  • By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs

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