Ways to cope up with your Fear of Failure

Ways to cope up with your Fear of Failure

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, having fear of failure is very quotidian. Every individual, irrespective of their age, gender or profession has the fear of not matching up to their goals, targets or expectations.  As every coin has the other side, ‘fear’ also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It completely depends on your perspective and how you wish to take it.

The negative approach to fear tends to break the self-confidence, self-esteem, outlook, and persona of the individual whereas looking at failure as an opportunity to learn and experience helps a person to be stronger, positive, confident and leads to achieving success. It becomes crucial to find a solution to the problems rather than wasting time on stretching about what went wrong.

It is truly said that every successful person has been hit by failure which prepares them to take the next steps carefully and make calculative decisions going forward. Every individual is born different and has a different style of handling situations. Hence, there are no thumb rules to overcome their fear of failure.

There are various ways to shoo away the fear within yourselves.

Spot the cause of failure: It is essential to take aback and find out the problem. Unless you get an answer to ‘What is the reason behind my fear of failure?’, coming out of this situation becomes impossible. Though it may be time-consuming, it is the key to discover newer avenues and conquer what you always aspired to achieve!

Consult your go-to-person: Communication is the most powerful weapon. It has the potential to solve major problems in a go. In most cases, people tend to crack solutions to their own problems by discussing them with others. It is not compulsory to pay a consultant or an advisor, one’s dear ones, parents, friends, colleagues or roommates can also be their go-to-person.

Always have a back-up: Most of the people are unprepared while failure hits them. This gives birth to panic attacks and disappointments. To avoid undesired outcomes, it is vital to formulate an alternate plan of action. This not just proves to be helpful when things go wrong, but also gives one the confidence to face adverse situations like a pro. So, now you know what needs to be done at the grass-root level.

Visualize your end objective: The psychology of visualizing oneself as an achiever makes them believe in themselves. Allows them to go ahead full-fledged, believe in themselves and become stronger day-by-day. It acts as the motivation quotient and brings in the spark and passion to accomplish their goals. Visualization creates the intuition which keeps the negative thoughts away and brings in more positivity.

Stay focused: Once you are focused, nothing in the world can give the feeling of discomfort. Focusing on goals enable one to attain their end objectives with a strategic approach and drive them to take necessary actions. It helps you in believing in actions rather than thinking of the reactions which come up at the later stage. It can further be amplified by learning from the mistakes that were previously made and use those as learnings.

So, all of you out there! Buckle up your shoes to set new benchmarks, trust upon yourself, use your incredible learning experience and kick-start with a fresh outlook. Discover how strong you are and how well you can tackle tough circumstances.

Dream, and chase your dreams!

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs

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