Videos continue to dominate the digital world

Videos continue to dominate the digital world

We have come a long way when it comes to curation, execution, and presentation of content. Leaping from the 2000s, when the only source to consume video content online was YouTube to the stage today where every platform is going video dominant. The amalgamation of audio and visual elements is the major reason behind videosgaining popularity.

The internet today offers a plethora of choices resulting in a drastic decrease in the average consumer’s attention span. A consumer today chooses what to watch based on their mood, interests and need of the hour. It is of utmost importance to make sure that your content conveys the key message, is relevant and capable of creating an impact.

Videos has emerged as the most favorable form of content for all purpose whether educational, corporate, individual profiling, promotion or social media. People are adapting to video content frequently. Studies conclude to the fact that good quality video content gets a higher number of traction and tends to hold the audience’s attention longer. Here are the reasons why videos are becoming prominent day-by-day:

Use of snackable content (Short videos): Brands and marketers are embracing the power and effectiveness of short format videos. Whether it is a movie trailer, product launch, DIY tips, event promotion, inspirational content or an announcement, short videos are highly preferred. The “snackable” nature makes the videos feasible for both the parties – content creators and the consumers. It suits today’s busy lifestyle and people with short span of attention.

Trust is the “X” factor (Build in the customers trust): Trust is the biggest asset for any organization, brand, product or a personality. Videos are a driving force for the brand to build the consumers trust, communicate their key messages, create an emotional connect and build conversations. It helps one stand out of the crowd and of the competitors’ field. High quality and well- conceived videoshave the ability to maximize the footfalls.

Increases brand conversation rate: Studies say that human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than texts. Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversation rate by 80%. People largely prefer watching videos over reading hence it gives an opportunity to the marketerfor putting across their message in the most creative and innovative manner in a stipulated time frame. Video content has nudged the digital and marketing world to sharpen their creative edge.

Less is more (Persuasion): While creating videoswith an objective to increase sales the strategy is to not sell it directly. Instead curating a piece that is weaved like a story holds greater importance and is way more successful than the videos that are rightly instructing the consumers to do a particular thing. Having that surprise edge in the video leaves a memory for the audience. Effective communication is the key to motivate your consumers in the desired direction.

Encourage leads to make a purchase: Engaging customers with audio-visual feature and striking a 2-way conversation, videos has a definitive way to convert potential customers into buyers and most of times encourage them to return (if the product or the service offered are up to the mark).  The visual medium grabs the audience’s attention in an easier and most effective way. Increase in video content platforms has opened doors for bloggers and independent content developers to curate and present the same.

In conclusion, videos are everywhere now. From Instagram introducing IGTV videos and Snapchat being one of the fastest-growing videos-based platforms the war has just begun. The trend is to keep it short and simple to capture the audience’s attention. Shareable, short video content is always welcomed by the viewers and tends to get way more traction than a regular long-form video would.

A video is a great conversation initiator and has the capabilityto multiply people’s opinions. Bloggers and content creators are switching and amping up their game by curating videos. Apart from the videos creating a very prominent space in the digital world, it has also tapped into spreading education, advertising, and marketing. The widespread reach and demand for video content does not leave any doubt that videos will continue to dominate the digital world.

  • By VrutikaDawda, Director, IdeateLabs
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