Indian celebrity Dino Morea picks up stakes in digital storytelling content house Vertuals

Indian celebrity Dino Morea picks up stakes in digital storytelling content house Vertuals

Celebrity and entrepreneur Dino Morea has acquired stakes in the Mumbai-based Digital Storytelling Creative house, Vertuals. A joint venture between Morea and Digital Entrepreneur Amit Tripathi, Vertuals is set to enable global brands to tell the stories they are passionate about and audio-visually connect them with their stakeholders like never before.

With Morea picking up stake in the next-gen digital world business, Vertuals is well-positioned to expand its existing portfolio of clients as well as service new sectors. As an investor and a crucial voice in the business, Morea brings with him a knack for storytelling and a mindset for growth and expansion.

At a time when the digital trends are reshaping the advertising business and consumption of video is at an all time high, digital storytelling in short formats is set to change the rules of the game. The 30 seconds to few minutes of content from Vertuals will empower the brands of today to creatively tell their stories that the customers can relate to. Conveyed through audio visual modes across all engagement touch points in the digital ecosystem including web, social, mobile, etc, Vertuals is sure to make its presence felt under the leadership of Morea and Tripathi (pictured left).

Elated to have Vertuals in his business portfolio Morea shared, “I saw huge potential in Vertuals and its expansion plans. Moreover, it is a business based on something that all of us relate to -stories. And these are no ordinary stories. Stories by Vertuals will be focused and compelling,presented in audio-video form to bring brands closer to the on the go consumers of today.

“Dino came as a natural fit for Vertuals and it is a great moment for us to have him on board. He brings along an interesting blend of storytelling skills, a deep understanding of the viewers, and an unmatched business sense. His presence will help us extend both our outreach and impactwithin the current sectors as well as the new client sectors. With him, Vertuals is uniquely positioned to forge key media partnerships and enhance its internal capabilities.” shared Tripathi.

With an in-house production set up in place, Vertuals is geared up to service a vast base of clients with the help of the topmost talent from the industry. Also Dino Morea brings along an eye for identifying the best content writers and directors in an effort to make the short format storytelling using new media by Vertuals surpass brand expectations.

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