How TriggerBridge IdeateLabs generated a 5000%+ ROI for Hafele India with one single campaign

How TriggerBridge IdeateLabs generated a 5000%+ ROI for Hafele India with one single campaign

Case study by TriggerBridge IdeateLabs for Häfele’s Nagold series Diwali campaign, under the category: ‘Sales/Lead Generation’ for LI Digital Awards 2017

The Client

Häfele is a German company, that manufactures premium quality engineered hardware, fitting systems and electronic access control systems, paired with solution-based services. Around the world, architects, interior designers, planners and builders rely on Häfele’s expertise and performance. The Nagold series is Häfele’s new generation home appliances. Every appliance from the Nagold range is ‘Future Ready’ and has been carefully selected to provide consumers with the latest trends and technologies prevailing in the international markets.

The Agency

Triggerbridge IdeateLabs is the digital marketing Company, known for offering new age solutions through ecommerce, social media, search marketing, mobile marketing, online reputation management, etc. Through a perfect blend of research, strategy, creativity and technology, we help clients discover the potential of their brands.

Problem Statement

Built-in appliances are normally purchased by customers when they are buying a new house or renovating their kitchen as it requires proper planning. Hence it does not have wide acceptance as stand-alone appliances. Also festive period is a time when all brands advertise and it becomes difficult for a brand like Nagold to stand out among the clutter. Premium pricing of the products was also a concern area for the agency and brand team.

Identified Objectives

In line with the festival, the objective of ‘Shagun’ (good omen) offer was to generate sales, create brand awareness and build a corporate brand image across various emerging markets.

Therefore, we identified the key objectives that could be measured to determine the success of the campaign;

  • Capture attention of customers using a unique and interesting offer
  • Drive the right audience to the offer page with proper messaging
  • To generate leads
  • To generate sales

The Strategy/Execution

Consumer insight/ Idea

Diwali is a major promotional season for household products, as much as other high value products. In India, purchases during Diwali is considered auspicious and holds social as well as cultural significance for consumers. Apart from the usual contests/mega draw, discounts or gifts that brands generally offer during the festive season, we came up with an attractive scheme that offered variety of kitchen appliances in a combo. When shoppers bought multiple products, they would be offered a free built-in appliance worth ₹55,001/- as Shagun.

The duration of the campaign was defined by the season’s trend – Diwali. Therefore, we started the campaign from 27th September in order to create brand awareness first and then generate sales through the same. Since we wanted to reach out to evolved audiences, we chose Facebook and Google Display as our media platforms.

Facebook Click to website campaign

Nagold Shagun FB banner ad

Facebook allows you to target people based on their likes and interest in a certain product category. We reached out to audiences interested in kitchen appliances, home décor, interiors, architecture, etc. through this platform. We also targeted people with higher spending capacity with an assumption that they would have a greater propensity to look for appliances for their home. To look at older audiences, we targeted people based on their job titles. The target audience were in the 30 – 55 age group across multiple cities in India.

Google Display

Going by the reading pattern or interest areas of our target audience, we reached out to them through websites that they were most likely to visit. For e.g. People wanting to buy a house via Quikr would plan to buy furniture as well as appliances. On an Ecommerce website like Snapdeal, Shopclues, buyers can see the banners of Shagun Offer and hence can purchase product and avail the deal.

A newly married or soon-to-be-married couple would look for tips on how to decorate their homes, therefore, we displayed ads on,, etc. Buyers looking for good deals could also see our banners on websites such as,, etc.

We also targeted B2B consumers by showcasing our ads on sites having information about home decor and architecture. With these insights, we targeted a range of websites to pull consumers to our landing page.


The campaign started off with a landing page, aiming at acquiring maximum qualified leads interested in the home and kitchen appliances categories.

The promotion strategy comprised of a mix of Google Display ads and Facebook ads with equal focus on both the media.

Nagold Shagun google adGoogle display ads were strategically placed on websites that talk about Kitchen appliances, and websites that play cookery shows. We also highlighted the ads on architectural, interior designer websites, eg., so that the TG could easily see our product while they are looking to do up their home.

We promoted the ads on because our major TG were Women. Simultaneously the ads were displayed on websites that exhibit deals on a daily basis.

For Facebookthe interest targeting was interior architecture, kitchen appliances, home décor, etc. The demographics were mainly people with high spending propensity and architects. The campaign targeted different groups of people across both platforms and results were monitored closely to understand which audience segment performed better than the other.

With constant monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the campaigns, we were able to lower the cost per lead and to overachieve the number of qualified leads. This resulted in higher sales numbers and brand visibility.


Activity measured at the end of week two of the five-week tour showed that the campaign had achieved a social reach of more than six million

  • Total Leads – 1,594
  • Average Cart Size –  ₹ 1,50,000
  • Net ROI – 6034%


We were able to build a campaign with a strong brand experience amplification, the festive essence helped us connect easily with buyers and thus phenomenal results were achieved. With the ‘Shagun offer’ campaign, there was a 50% increase in social share of site visits.

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