Fail at it, Face it and Move Forward

Fail at it, Face it and Move Forward

These are probably the most important 3F’s that one should always remember. To grow and experience everything completely one needs to go through the process of failing at it and learning from it. Today, most of us are extremely scared of making mistakes and facing failures that we restrict ourselves from actually trying new things in life. The best way of growing is failing at it, failing with honesty, making mistakes with honesty to grow from. Undermining yourself and your capabilities will never land you anywhere, it’ll only stunt your growth and ability to perform your best.

There will be times when we will feel nothing is working out, all the doors are closed, and a domino of problems is all that your life has come to and your thoughts are stuck in a web of facing failures. But just for a minute if you snap out of that negative thinking and give some room to a little positivity. The outcome and the way you feel about a particular situation will be so different.

Living in failure is a habit, the thought that “what if I fail” is the first thought that comes to our mind when faced with something alien. But what if, you’re absolutely great at it? What if you’re the best at it? Don’t let the “what if’s” in life stop you from being the best version of yourself. You’re just an attempt away from making and creating something absolutely splendid.

Breaking down the big picture into smaller fragments definitely helps get rid of the fear. The ability to achieve the smaller goals that lead the way to the bigger goal is one of the best ways of coping with failure.

Grow through the failure, take all the learning and rise from the failure just like a powerful Phoenix.

Whenever you’re facing with sticky situations where all you can think about is everything going wrong. Thoughts like, why does this happen to me? Why do I always end up in such situations? What have I done to deserve this?  That’s the point where you need to understand that you’ve faced these things and situations in life earlier and rose back even stronger. So will you now, yet again! Failure actually shows you how strong we are, the ability for us to rise with everything around us falling apart is a win in itself. So ultimately to cope with failure is to face it.

Face it with grace, to its face and always with a smile.

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs

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