IdeateLabs strengthens creative leadership team in Mumbai

IdeateLabs strengthens creative leadership team in Mumbai

Mumbai, 3rd June 2020: IdeateLabs, India’s largest independent digital-first creative agency has recently appointed two Senior Creative Directors to their team – Sajid Dadarkar & Ashwini Vyas. Among their various other responsibilities, the duo will be instrumental in charting a creative strategic roadmap for the agency and transforming the communication approach for its accounts. 

The duo would be reporting to Porus Jose, who has been promoted to the role of Chief Creative Officer for the agency. Porus has been with IdeateLabs for more than 4 years and has driven the creative practice with a team of more than 110 people reporting into him.

Sajid and Ashwini, both come with close to 15 years of experience each, in leading creative teams in some of the top advertising agencies. The innovative concepts, ideas and impact of the campaigns that they’ve worked on bear testimonials. Some of these campaigns were widely recognized across the Advertising & Marketing sectors.  

Porus Jose, Chief Creative Officer, IdeateLabs commented on the happenings, “Experimentation is the cornerstone of great creative work. It’s one of the beliefs that Ash and Sajid share. The freshness of their thinking and their approach towards work will not only go a long way in bolstering the brands we work with, but will also bring cohesiveness in the team and boost the spirit. It is also an exhilarating time for the agency with a whole host of new initiatives and client wins. I am excited to be leading this team as we go marching into the digital-first future.”

Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs shared her views, “Team IdeateLabs has always been the hub of creative professionals. Porus is an integral part of the think tank at IdeateLabs and has contributed immensely to the growth of the agency. Adding Ash and Sajid to the team will up the ante of our creative offerings. The idea is to make them the brand custodians, and inculcate the sense of ownership, accountability and responsibilities in the creative function. They will be the driving force in taking our clients from ‘satisfied’ to ‘delighted’. I’m sure, the team will benefit immensely from this senior leadership, led by Porus”.

Having worked on a diverse set of brands such as HUL, Lenovo, MRF, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Tata Motors, Vodafone amongst others, Ashwini strives to deliver maximum ROI for the brands with his creative energies. His mantra is to lend the x-factor to all the work his team delivers. Ashwini has the expertise in all those areas that IdeateLabs was looking for. 

Sharing his reasons for joining IdeateLabs, Ashwini said, “Over these years, I have been collecting creative experiences at some of the best advertising agencies in India. My aim is to uplift the art, and groom my team for award-worthy ideas by providing them accurate direction. I am excited to work with this fun-loving bunch of people in the creative team. I plan to land some award-winning campaigns in the current year and make that a practice”

Sajid comes with a rich advertising background across agencies, spanning two countries. Having worked with vast and diverse portfolios from chocolates, baby care to automobile and airlines, he comes with a keen insight into the consumer’s mind and the way he/she behaves. He has worked with clients such as Fair & Lovely, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Parle-G, Pepsodent, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, and Nissan, to name a few. 

Sajid said, “I’m glad to be a part of the robust team at IdeateLabs. The kind of freedom I see in this Company is something I haven’t seen in many places. I plan to put my myriad experiences in the industry, working on a large spectrum of categories. Also, it will be a great opportunity to put this knowledge to use for the young and coming generations of creative minds”.

About IdeateLabs ( IdeateLabs is one of India’s largest independent full-service digital-first creative agencies. It is a fired-up group of professionals from the creative, tech and marketing worlds. While its clientele exceeds 75 well-known Indian and International names, its portfolio spans across varied business verticals. Its clientele includes renowned brands like Hiranandani Communities, Brand Factory, HDFC Bank, Hafele, RR Kabel, Zero B, Bharati Axa, Awfis, to name a few. IdeateLabs specialises in taking brand challenges and turning them into opportunities that deliver tangible and valuable results. IdeateLabs has its headquarters in Mumbai and satellite offices in Delhi, Singapore and Dubai.

For further information, please feel free to contact: [email protected]

Monica Patel | [email protected] | +91 7666790331 / 8169945524

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