Undoubtedly, your marketing team uses a variety of mediums to execute your marketing messages on a daily basis. In fact, I'm willing to bet a typical campaign includes at least three. Those mediums — including social media, email, and paid advertising — are part of what's called a business's media mix, a process that can be helpful for businesses that need a little organization. They're also especially helpful when planning out future campaigns.

Additionally, making decisions such as timing and design are more informed when looking at previous campaign metrics. Media mix planning looks at these numbers and how they contribute holistically to a campaign.

Think about the last campaign you saw from one of your favorite brands. What did they do differently that really clicked with you? By incorporating a media mix into your yearly planning, you can find that one thing that really clicks with your audience.

If marketers are aiming to engage digitally-savvy, younger audiences with print and radio advertising, chances are their efforts aren’t providing the ROI they’re looking for. However, if marketers knew that their target audiences were engaging on mobile devices and computers most frequently—and understood which channels consumed most of their time, brand marketing efforts would drive better results.

In order to provide relevant and consistent marketing that consumers have come to expect, media mix optimization needs to be backed by measurements that can highlight where and when consumers prefer to be engaged with, while testing the creative messaging that resonates with them most.To do this, marketers need a media planning strategy that remains flexible amid rapid changes in consumer trends, preferences, and behaviors.

Enter – IdeateLabs! Our team of experts make sure that your digital marketing strategy is backed up by accurate data. For effective media mix optimization, it’s important marketers unify their various measurement efforts to provide a total view of how consumers engage with media across the marketing mix. We provide you with the optimum media mix strategy to make your marketing an all round success.