Marketing Automation is a management software for your business needs when you want to nurture the marketing activities of your organization by automating them. It helps you in prioritizing and streamlining your tasks. Marketing Automation also helps in freeing your time without compromising the validity of your content. It helps in generating more and more revenue for your organization by targeting your prospective and regular clients individually, hence adding the personalized touch to the large client base.

With Marketing Automation, you can navigate your potential customers through your website and other social media channels. It is mostly used to generate new leads through Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Metrix and Analytics etc.

With IdeateLabs, one of the most efficient marketing automation service providers in India by your side you can be assured of achieving your desired digital goals.

Here’s how we do it!

  • Revisiting your Goals - Is your newly automated marketing goal in line with your pre-existing goals? If not, then you must get them aligned before kickstarting with new marketing activities such as bulk emailing/automatic mailing. If there is no need to automate your marketing goals, then you must create a new strategy for the same otherwise you might be annoying your new or existing customers with unwanted information.
  • New Contact List - Never start your work by using the existing client list because not every client needs such new information. Your new marketing activity must have a separate client list where your mails can be read and not be deleted or go to the spam folder. Once you fail to enter their inbox successfully, you are never getting out of that zone.
  • Customer is Still the King - Always remember that your existing customers are the ones who are paying you right now. To get new customers on board, your strategy should be customized as per their needs and not hamper your relationship with your existing customers. Existing customers do not require extra information unless they ask for it or somehow directly affecting their business.
  • Let them Know - Content Marketing is the most essential tool any organization uses to keep their customers informed. While automating your marketing activities it is advisable to let your existing customers know about it. The way to go ahead with this is to create segmented & customized messages for your customers, which in turn will educate them about your organization’s new endeavor. So that they can be in sync and choose to (or not) be a part of it.

Automation in marketing in 2020 must be the way forward for your organization and you might want to have IdeateLabs, one of the best marketing automation companies in India as your partner.