Every company should be prepared for the inevitable public relations crisis - data breach, executive scandal, negative review, failed event, badly planned marketing campaign. Hit by a PR crisis, you’ll need a fast and carefully crafted reputation crisis management response. Damage limitation protocol is a must. After all it’s about your brand’s reputation.

PR crises are serious. Disruptive. Damaging. The popularity of social media means that a crisis can be spread globally, in an instant. For brands, the potential for crises has increased. No longer just the possibility of a natural disaster or a corporate scandal. In this age - where, let’s face it, we’re online all the time - brands have to contend with fake news, cyberattacks, defamatory rumors, hackers. We’re online. We share and spread our outrage.

Being a top crisis management agency, at IdeateLabs, we specialize in providing crisis management in public relations for leading firms as well as startups. Some of the types of events that can catalyze a need for crisis management public relations include:

  • Lawsuits and Legal Actions
  • Community- or Government-Based Challenges
  • Product Availability Issues
  • Product Flaws
  • Recalls and Accidents
  • Business Acquisitions
  • Key Customer Defections
  • Labor Relations Challenges
  • Loss of Key Executives

By helping your organization establish a framework for crisis management public relations in advance, our PR experts at ideateLabs can significantly reduce potential damage to your brand and transform a crisis event into an opportunity for the distribution of positive brand messaging.