A brand voice is built by the words it chooses to associate itself with. A careful selection of appropriate words and phrases is required to promote and convey the brand message as well as built a credible brand voice.

Copywriting is thus an art of writing meaningful copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing. It intends to persuade an action in the form of buying or subscribing the product or service. In other words, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all your consumers.

At IdeateLabs, our digital copywriting services are all about using words that make an impact. We are a one-stop-shop, digital copywriting agency where we deploy our copywriting excellence in creating powerful core communication around your product, service or digital campaign. Our team of copywriters spends time in understanding the brief and the business, identify key points and finally create a powerful ‘wow’ message for your brand’s product, service or digital campaign.

What we offer :

  • Social Media Copywriting - As a brand, copywriting and advertising/marketing requirements are anything but static. Being a copywriting company, we understand this and hence, we have teams consisting of advertising copywriter, creative copywriter and copy head who handle the relentless digital demands of various brands. Our copywriters crafts clear, consistent, captivating copy and align it with briefs and deadlines.
  • Video Scripts - Videos are in vogue as consumers spent more time consuming them. Hence, it is a must for brands to jump on the bandwagon and craft branded videos. So, we create compelling stories and blend them into video scripts that invigorate your brand campaign and in turn, attract, acquire and engage the target audience.
  • SEO Copywriting - Creating content that ranks well on Google, other search engines or on a social media platform requires knowledge of SEO and our team of copywriters have all the skills it takes to help you target your customers and solve their specific problems will well-crafted content.

Moreover, we are skilled at writing emailer copy that converts, e-commerce product descriptions which demonstrate the true value you provide to your customers.

We also explore and identify a particular tone of voice which can create maximum effect for different audiences, message and platform and add some personal touches that make your digital campaign shine and grow.

IdeateLabs come with a diverse experience into copywriting and our clientele speaks for it. So, if you want a focused digital copywriting services, we can help you unlock the potential digital offers through a smart and relevant copy.