Brand Planning

The best ideas in the world won't do much good without some serious research and a cohesive corporate branding plan. And with new ways to reach the consumer popping up every day, creating a cohesive and insightful plan is becoming both more difficult and more crucial than ever before.

That's why we at IdeateLabs – a top brand planning agency take planning so seriously. And it's why we work so hard to understand your business and all the challenges it faces. It's this knowledge that allows us to create multi-faceted campaigns that deliver exceptional and measurable results. And it's also what allows us to respond to day-to-day challenges without losing sight of your brand's long-term goals.

Here’s what we provide in ourbrand strategy and planning services:

  • KEYWORD PLANNING: It begins at the search bar. When it comes to the content of a website, keywords are the ideas & topics that define what the content is about. However with SEO, it’s identifying the words and phrases that people are typing into a search engine, in hopes of finding what they’re looking for. So ask yourself, what kinds of questions or phrases are people asking regarding your services? Is there relevance to the content? As a business owner or content creator with a website, targeted keywords that drive the right kind of traffic is pivotal.
  • COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Being aware of the competition can critically change the way you approach the market of your business field. Say you’re a small up and coming bakery in Toronto with a variety of baking services. The first thing you’re going to want to do is identify the competition throughout the city and evaluate their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to yours. Both direct and indirect competition. Starting with companies that are offering the same services and targeting the same audience as you in the area and then, we’ll take a look at companies who offer similar services to you in the area but are maybe targeting a different need or audience.
  • BRANDING STYLE GUIDES: Brand Guidelines create and protect the strength of your brand identity and helps to maintain recognition. These guidelines should provide a cohesive manual for anyone looking to use your brand and the following design components, whether it’s employees, designers or marketing agencies. It’s a launch pad from which every marketing effort will take off, ensuring unification and consistency across all platforms.