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  • copy

    A mind full of ideas ...


    A mind full of ideas
    and all the right words to articulate them. That’s you. You know just the mix of words that can bring out a giggle, move people to tears, and well… command likes, comments, shares and double taps.

  • Art

    Poster, or campaign...


    Poster, or campaign,
    you’ll design it with your heart and soul. It’s passion that drives you – passion to create something spectacular, every day. You’re well versed with web design and all relevant software (duh).

  • Account Management

    You are one hell ...


    You are one hell
    of a multi-tasker. You’re organized, resourceful, and more importantly, a people person. You can see the bigger picture and have what it takes to get sh*t done

  • Account Planning

    Your mind is what they call... ...


    Your mind is what they
    call a perfect balance of the right
    and left. Account managers look to you for direction and the creative team looks to you for your insights. After all, you inspire them like Gala did Dali. Sans the sex of course.

  • Technology

    You speak code better...


    You speak code better
    than you speak your mother tongue. You enjoy finding new ways to use technology and build something that will wow everyone who sees it.

  • Business Development

    Cold calls to hot leads...


    Cold calls to hot leads
    and coma clients to big spenders. Nobody knows how you do it, but you seem to have some secret formula for making it happen.

  • Performance Marketing

    You know the pulse of ...


    You know the pulse of
    the internet and you know how to capitalize on it. You know what people search for, where they look and the most effective way to reach them. SEO and mobile marketing is child’s play for you.

  • Human Resources

    A mind full of ideas ...


    It takes real skill (and patience) to recruit, manage and motivate people. And you make it look as easy as blowing feathers off a dandelion.

  • Finance

    You get high on math...


    You get high on math.
    You are as meticulous as you are organized. And of course, you can handle lakhs and crores with utmost ease.

  • Social Media Management

    If there’s a new filter ...


    If there’s a new filter,
    you’ve used it yesterday. If there’s a new feature rolled out, you’ve already tested it. You know everything there is to know about social media and how best to engage with today’s Screenagers.

  • PR & Marketing

    You don’t believe in ...


    You don’t believe in bad publicity.
    Putting forward the right words in the right way is the right skill for you. You know how to sell your rhetoric and you know how to sell it as the truth.

  • Sir Leads-a-Lot

    Big contacts and an unending ...


    Big contacts and an unending
    pitcher of ideas is the ultimate combination, and you have it! Passion is your middle name and leadership is your game. You specialize in pep talks and know exactly how to get work done.

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