Your Hacks to Instagram Giveaways

Your Hacks to Instagram Giveaways

A struggling influencer, a new brand to Instagram or here for a good read; whatever your excuse, you’re up for absolute enlightenment. Instagram giveaways are not as easy as they seem (What?!). But, your social media optimization services have it all figured out. So, sit back and well, read.

Set a target and know why

Before you go for a contest, make sure you have your objective/s sorted. Do you want to obtain your target’s email address for your email list? Do you want to push your follower base? Brand expansion? Build relationships with other local businesses? Other than that, you also need to decide how long this contest is going to run for. This way, you will get a headway for your contest.

Pick a genre for your contest

If you are in for a giveaway or a contest, you are in for various routes. Go easy the first time. Keeping track of the number of participants and entries is going to give you a whirl so, simpler, the better. The major difficulty you are going to encounter is keeping track of whether the participants are following up with the task criteria correctly.

The types of contest or giveaways you can opt for are:

  • Hit Like and Win

This one is the simplest. A participant will be asked to follow your account and hit the like button for the specified photo to enter the contest. Easy-peasy.

  • The Friend Tagging

Another easy giveaway gimmick you can go for. Here, you can ask for people to comment on your photo and tag one or more of their friends in the comment section of that photo. This helps increasing reach of your brand and roping in potential customers to your business.

  • The ‘Post Your Own Picture’ and Hashtag

Now we turn towards the complex contests you can venture into, once you’ve got a hang of the thing, that is. You ask participants to post an original picture, which relates to your brand along with the contest hashtag in the caption below. The plus with this contest is that participation levels soar because it gets easy for the participants to execute.

  • Repost and Use the Hashtag

You’ve probably stumbled upon this one among others. In this, yet another, commonly used contest, you need to ask participants to repost the giveaway picture and use the hashtag in their post. This way, you can increase your followers to reach your brand by reposting your contest on their Instagram accounts. This will not only reach your followers but their followers too! You will also be aware of when someone enters the contest by being notified when someone tags you in a photo.

Always Keep a Prize

Decide a prize based on your contest, customers and budget. Some prizes could include monetary benefits, while others can be given in kind. You can take this opportunity to increase reach by collaborating with another local business, engage with their customers and give away something bigger.

Make it theme-based

Themes for Instagram contests could be based on holidays, the ongoing season or popular trends. Once that is set, take a creative and original picture to post on Instagram. Make sure your photo stands out to followers, so it needs to be highly appealing.

Giveaway Hashtags

Instagram without hashtags is like pizza without cheese. So, give your contest a custom hashtag for it to stand out and increase engagement. The significance of a hashtag increases when you ask your participants to post or repost pictures on their page that relate to your contest.

In conclusion…

Follow those steps and we guarantee you a successful Instagram giveaway period. If you feel you cannot pull it off, just get in touch with social media marketing agencies in India and you are sorted. Despite these social media optimization services, you need to ensure that you have a good Instagram page by indulging in these engagement-building activities. And now that we’ve revealed these beautiful hacks, we’ll keep an eye out for your next giveaway! See you soon!