Why saying ‘YES’ is the best decision

Why saying ‘YES’ is the best decision

A lot of people spend their lifetime avoiding risky decisions which in turns leads to a lot of missed opportunities. The fear of failing triumphs over the happiness of winning and that is a tried and tested formula for living an ordinary life. People need to change their perspective towards this. They need to realize that it is not about winning or losing, it is about winning or learning. You need to say YES to opportunities that knock on your door. Saying yes is the best and fastest way to learn and get ahead in life. Here are a few reasons why saying yes is important.

It creates brilliance: The way to step out of living an ordinary life is to say yes to opportunities that knock on your door. We need to realize that creativity does not come from staying inside the box. If you need to create something brilliant, you need to explore thinking out of the box. You need to say YES to ideas even if they are not difficult to implement or small in nature. Even the smallest ideas are a step towards the next big thing. You need to turn your whys into ‘Why Not!’. Not only will it help you reach brilliance, but it will make everything more interesting and fun along the way.

Make things possible: Sometimes there might be opportunities that seem too farfetched, but those are the opportunities you need to say yes to. It is not a matter of struggling to do the impossible but a matter of proving it possible. You need to work much harder to make it happen and it will give you immense knowledge and satisfaction in the long run.

Saying yes creates an innovative environment: Saying yes creates an environment that welcomes new ideas no matter how absurd they sound. It provides a sense of freedom and inspires creativity. It creates a culture where it is safe to try, learn or fail. You end up making better relations with like-minded people and become a go-getter.

Empower others: Saying yes to things that appear on your way can empower others. It sets a positive example and gives others the courage to perform out of their set capabilities. It transforms the attitude and beliefs of the people keeping them out of excuses. It makes you a go-to person, especially youngsters who aspire to achieve something in life gets motivation from you.

These were a few reasons why you should change the habit of saying no to new endeavours and start saying yes instead!

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs