What are the top growth hacking tips & strategies? How will they help you boost your business?

What are the top growth hacking tips & strategies? How will they help you boost your business?

While there are so many businesses and companies out there, growing your business is surely not easy. Ever thought of ‘growth hack’? Yes, if implemented properly you can boost your business with simple growth hacks and strategies.

Growth hacking sounds as the latest buzzword but is one of the essential element to help you start and grow your business. In business, all of us directly or indirectly work towards the growth of the business. Hence, all of us are growth hackers.

A growth hacker needs to focus on steady and rapid growth to boost the business. While the slow and unsustainable growth will be followed by other means of traffic such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Let’s discuss some of the top growth hacking tips and strategies for your business:

  • Website speed

It is reported that ‘one second of delay in page response can result in 7% of the reduction in conversions.’ Thus, the slower your site, the fewer your customers and the lesser your business.

A research suggests that 500ms delay dropped 10% conversions. Hence, reducing the time of loading pages of your website can help you increase conversions by 15-20% as well as promotes customer growth by 15% annually.

Ideally, your website design should be simple and the page shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds of time to load.

  • Social presence

Your site or your business should be active on social media. you should be present everywhere, on the most common and famous social media platforms. Add your social plugins on your homepage, landing page, your account sign ups, thank you pages, emails, etc. Including social profiles helps in reassuring your customers that they can reach you anywhere and you’ll always be happy to serve and help your customers. It encourages people to become your customer.

  • Customer Programs

The more the customers you have, the better your chances to grow your business. The level of treatment for a new customer and for the loyal customers may vary while for the others who signed up a free trial experience a different treatment altogether. Let’s look at some of the ways that help you keep as many customers as possible:

User experience: The needs and demands of the new customer may vary from the needs and demands of your loyal customers. Hence, it is important to give them a unique experience which prompts them to start using your product. Help them to get started by providing step-by-step process, explaining unique features and navigation.

Email campaign: Email is a great way to provide your customers with valuable content. It helps boost the trust as well as promote the new product features. Send 3-3 emails after the customer signs up and help them solve their problems. Post third email, provide offers of your product and other relevant products to check what you customers like the most.

  • Product integration

Rather building the customers from scratch, why not just integrate products with other platforms. Some of the good examples of platform integration include Zynga and Facebook, Spotify and Facebook and Paypal and Ebay. Each formula has its way to success. Hence, it’s up to you, which route to choose for your business. However, ensure that you have easy flexibility and you don’t get stuck in the dead fashion while the world in marching ahead.

  • Viral loops

A viral loop is as simple as chain system. So, if you get 5 customers, they’ll bring 5 more and so on and on. Thus, each batch of new customers pulls in more customers, making is larger and larger and further making it viral. However, it is not suitable for every business. So, choose wisely.

Final thoughts

Paying for leads is only viable if you make good profits. Consider these growth hacking tips and strategies to grow your business: website speed, social presence, viral loops, product integration and customer programs.