Ways You Can Convince Your Clients to Opt for Long-term SEO

Ways You Can Convince Your Clients to Opt for Long-term SEO

We cannot emphasize enough about the importance of a solid SEO strategy in the digital marketing realm. Even though you may need to focus on redesigning your website or other crucial elements of web development, SEO just cannot be neglected. It has to be top priority! However, convincing clients to execute and allocate budgets to SEO initiatives can be a herculean feat. For any brand building services company, getting companies to invest in website traffic building is no piece of cake. Fortunately, we’ve worked things out for you to get your clients to take SEOs seriously.

Introduce the concept of SEO  

You might even be surprised as to how much people do not know about SEO; even though they may be running a successful business for decades. The concept of SEO and keywords might be totally alien to them! So, you have to define everything about SEO from scratch and give examples. Talk about how people search for your business online without using unbranded industry keywords. And demonstrate what happens when they look for a certain thing related to the keyword on a search engine.

Post this, show how the keywords appear in your page content, share details on what meta-data is and what description looks like. With this, you can gather good insights into their business to modify your SEO strategies to abide by them. Pretty much the same with all the marketing gimmicks, but a slightly different approach to get the message across.

The crux of your presentation: The importance of SEO

Once you’ve spoken about what SEOs are, you move onto how it efficiently works towards achieving all those organizational goals they’ve set. Now, this is where the road gets rugged. Your clients usually never want to know the ‘How’; but the ‘Why’ and the ‘When’. So, make sure you only highlight the necessities and not lay out all your SEO know-how on the presentation. The ‘What’ and ‘When’ can be proposed in four sections, SEO audit, recommendations, execution and goals and measurement of results.

  1. SEO Audits:

An SEO audit focuses on assessing how well the site is performing currently. Talk about how you’ll assess the website and how it impacts the performance to identify potential optimization opportunities, which make it more search engine-friendly and abide by business objectives.

  1. Recommendations

Once the audits are done, not all tactics will work for all organizations and as an SEO brand-building services provider, you will have to review the business and determine what is going to earn the highest ROI. Ensure how those critical SEO components will expedite the results.

  1. Execution

The implementation of the SEO strategies requires a lot of coordination with the IT or the tech team and for them to understand what your strategies are.

  1. Goals and measurement of results

The best content marketing services agencies will present core metrics to the clients; something they truly care about. SEO or organic search traffic is the most effective drivers of low-cost traffic and the website quality.

Inform your client about which metrics you’ll be measuring; things like average ranking position work when you need to look at the overall impact of your SEO efforts.

Despite your typical SEO project addressing all 4 sections listed above, the prime communication must not waiver. You being the best content writing services agency, must remember these practices, and deliver timely executions of SEO tactics along with a regular evaluation of results. All this requires a clear and concise communication adhering to the different levels of an organization. Now that you know the tact of convincing your clients to get into the SEO groove, we hope to witness a growth in SEO strategies and executions soon!