Ways of grabbing Attention with your Facebook posts

Ways of grabbing Attention with your Facebook posts

This morning I stumbled upon some really funny, witty Facebook status messages. Here are a few:

I am wondering if one can grow marijuana on Farmville then sell it on Mafia Wars? Have you noticed that the “lol” symbol looks like a drowning guy? Remembers the day when Blackberry and Apple were just fruits. Is now listed as single but in a relationship, it’s complicated. Is proud of himself. He finished a jigsaw puzzle in 6 months and the box said 2-4 years.

Little wonder that these messages grabbed eyeballs instantly. These are undoubtedly well-crafted intelligent posts, with clean humor, but if you revisit them, you will notice that it is no rocket science either. All it takes is a little bit of imagination (which I am sure we all have) and original thoughts and ideas (which come through inspiration and observation).

If you want your messages to get noticed, here are a few tips from my kitty.
Get creative, be original:Facebook has over 800 million active users. And if you are merely sharing messages or posting from others’ pages then what is the likelihood of yours getting noticed? So get those creative juices flowing and create posts that are engaging. Check this one out: Wants to merge MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and call it: My Face You Twit. Can you overlook something like this? Nah!

Be funny, but not offensive:What do you usually do on Labor Day? As little as possible, just like every day! Funny? Yes! Now check this one out, about work again: Be nice to nerds. Chances are, you will be working for them. Funny? No way! Offensive? Yes, big time!! Get the difference? There is a fine line between being funny and getting offensive. Don’t cross it.

Get out of the ‘I’ zone: Your Facebook page may be yours, but hey, you have an audience too. Do you post keeping them in mind? Even if it is for the zillionth time, I repeat, Facebook is not ME. It is not a place to give your ego a boost. So involve people, how about using more of ‘we’ and ‘us’?

Be brief: A study reveals, on an average, posts between one and 80 characters had a 27% higher engagement rate than posts with more than 80 characters, yet accounted for only 19% of all posts. So be short and sweet, to the point. Remember, it’s never the length of the sentence, it’s the impact.

The writing on the wall is clear: Social media is not about you alone. The content you post is for your audience. Always post keeping that in mind. Adios, until my next buzz!