Virtual Reality: What’s in store for brands and marketers?

Virtual Reality: What’s in store for brands and marketers?

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing where there is cutthroat competition between several marketers, what is the next big thing ahead of videos? Virtual Reality (VR), yes VR is budding up to revolutionise digital marketing as the demand to ‘create experience’ grows. Disrupting every sector and brands in future, VR is on the verge of being the new way to connect with millennials, create experiences and fulfil their demands.

The sales of VR headsets are expected to surpass half a billion by 2025. The growth of VR brings along unique growth opportunities for digital marketers to create unique brand experiences with the new technology. Creating a unique brand experience with the VR helps you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

  • Crafting product experiences

One of the best ways to convince or persuade a customer is by giving him / her the product experience. VR can be a great way to bring people who’ve made a shift online shopping. Example: Volvo offered VR test drive for its XC90 SUV, letting the potential customers feel the driving experience through scenic landscapes. Isn’t this a unique and better way to approach customers rather than making a sales pitch?

Once the customer’s steps in, the VR experience is a sure way to entice them. This not only helps the brand to connect with customers but also leaves a long-lasting impact on customer’s mind.

  • Educating your customers

VR is a great way to foster connections with your customers and show them things that happen behind-the-scenes. Use VR to show them how you make the products with detail care and thought that you put in. It can also be used for putting people towards a buying mindset. Example: Marriott came up with a concept of travel teleporter wherein the person just has to step into a booth which take him/her to the exotic locations like Hawaii and London with users feeling sensations for each location.

  • Integrating VR with retail

VR is an excellent opportunity for retailers to take customers beyond the showrooms and bring them to a virtual world of their imaginations. Be it selling clothes, cars, glasses, furniture or homes, VR can help you create aspirational and exciting experiences. Example: IKEA which has been for at least four years in the VR. It helps the user see how the furniture would fit and compliment the room.

  • Facilitating relationships

Digital marketers can take the optimum advantage of smartphone users by offering new VR content regularly. As long as the audience have their headsets, they can explore the virtual world of your products by simply logging into your app. The consistent VR experience promotes the interaction between the audience and your company, which further creates more possibilities of buying the product from you.

Final thoughts

Virtual reality is the future of marketing as mostly every brand can use virtual reality in some way or the other to promote their products and services. The budding technology of virtual reality is exciting and fun, however, there is a long way to go with new thoughts, innovations, learnings and discussions. It gives an immense power to digital marketing companies to create truly innovative campaigns for the brands and make them differentiate from the others.