Use #Hashtag for your business, like a pro

Use #Hashtag for your business, like a pro

With all the social media platforms being open to hashtagging. Hashtag has turned being an unavoidable game-changing marketing tool be it for big brands or small businesses. It helps you connect and create conversations about trending topics. It makes people draw attention to whatever you want to show them as well as makes you more search-friendly if used properly.

Using a hashtag to market your business is one of the quickest, easiest and effective ways to expand and influence your followers.

Here are some tips on using a hashtag for your business, like a pro:

  • Be specific

Focus on a certain set of audiences that you want to target and use relevant hashtag which you know will help market and gain the interest of your audience. While generic hashtags reach wider audience, it won’t be helpful in reaching the right or niche audience that you require. Thus, it is very important to know your target audience and eliminate the others.

  • Modify hashtags as per social media platforms

While the objective of the hashtag helps in categorizing the content. Its use still varies on different social media platform. Example, hashtags on Instagram are used to label photos while Twitter hashtags denote hot or trending topics and Facebook hashtags takes you to the list of posts that contain same hashtag. Thus, make sure you understand the purpose of using hashtag on each and every platform before using it.

  • Don’t be a pushy salesman

Focus on the purpose or the experience that your brand conveys rather pushing your brand name. Associate your brand with experience and emotions. Example, #releasethepressure campaign done by Mirinda, by conveying the message to parents about not pressurizing the kids for exams.

  • Keep your message short, sweet and simple

A hashtag should always be straightforward and easy to remember. So, make sure you use an easy, short, simple and relatable hashtag. Also, it should be relevant to your brand and conveying the message. Otherwise your efforts land up in vain.

  • Make sparing use of hashtags

Use hashtags, but don’t overuse them as it makes you sound more desperate. Using them should add relevance to your post. Having excessive hashtags in a single post will simply distract the purpose and dilute the message.

  • Research and test

Test the effectiveness of the hashtag you use as you wouldn’t want to use a hashtag that is already being used by some other business. Research for the right hashtag, and customize it for personal user experience. You can also create a brand specific hashtag and trademark it.

  • Be original

Create your own hashtag, as hacking a hashtag of some other brand will only portray you in poor picture. Never use someone else’s hashtag to draw attention to your business. Doing so, will only cost you loosing followers and potential customer, which you surely don’t want.

  • Value adding

Making the use of a hashtag is a great way to reach the audience and engage with them at a single-click. Hashtags have been a effective way to connect with the right prospects and have added a great value to the already existing communication.

Creating a hashtag for your business is a fantastic way to reach your potential customers and build your community. But be wise and make the right pick.