Tricks to drive your team towards success

Tricks to drive your team towards success

It is said that a capable leader is the backbone of an organization. A bad leader will lead a company in a state of turmoil whereas a good leader will lead towards success. A good leader determines the future of an organization by successfully implementing a well-structured plan. They are also responsible for higher productivity due to their ability to engage and motivate the employees. Research states that most of the companies succeed because of great leaders.

Leadership has its own challenges. The biggest challenge today’s leaders face is uncertainty. With the business environment constantly changing, becoming diverse and complex, it needs a leader who is dynamic, understanding and a good communicator. In order to sail through these uncertain times a leader need to practice following skills to increase productivity of the workforce:

Inspire: When the employees are confused and find it difficult to cope up with a situation, they look up-to their leader for clarity. A leader needs to take charge, be confident and guide the team. It is said that a team is, more or less a reflection of its leader. Enthusiasm and talking straight to the point are the key tricks to leading a team.

Goal alignment: It is crucial to maintain transparency and keep the team aligned with the targets and the end objective of running your business. It makes the team confident and inculcates a sense of seriousness in order to obtain the results. Seeing the clear line of sight towards the goal, employees will start showing the confidence and passion towards work. This will lead to a highly efficient, motivated and productive team.

Employee centric culture: For the longest time companies believed in putting clients first. But with the changing time we can’t help but question its wisdom. Lately, a lot of companies have turned their vision from solely focusing on clients to focusing on employees who together strive to make it happen. Employee centric culture promotes a positive working environment, job satisfaction, creativity and much more!

Inclusion: It is a well-known fact yet one of the least implemented. Employees all over the world want to be included in the processes leading to the accomplishment of the goals or the final decision. It makes wonders happen when they are involved in each stage of the company’s growth and development. It gives them the sense of belongingness and loyalty for the organization. 

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs