Top ways to promote your blogs on social media

Top ways to promote your blogs on social media

Most of us think that writing a great blog is a great way to get great traffic. Yet many bloggers and blog owners struggle with it. Despite having an excellent content packed with all the keywords and sharing nothing turns up giving good results. While most people think, a simple click on ‘share’ is the best way to make things work on social media, which is not true. It requires quite a bit more efforts than easy sharing.

Let’s discuss some tactics that ensure your blog promotion efforts are not wasted. These tactics have worked their best ways possible to get amazing traffics to best bloggers on the internet.

  • Link the blog with your social profiles

Once you publish a blog post, the first and foremost step is promoting it on social channels through your profile and brand pages. This, simply doesn’t mean sharing, but ensuring that the links are visible at the top of your profile. You can simply update the about me section with the link or pin the post. If it’s a part of your email marketing strategy then use various social tools to boost sign-ups.

  • Tweet for driving traffic to blog post

While you cannot fit all your blog details in 140 characters, dropping a clue with your blog link is a great way to notify your followers about your new blog post. Use the content from your blog post to tweet, as its unique and it further showcases your depth of knowledge shared in the blog.

The world is busy and so it is important to save time, however, take no shortcuts when it comes to your post promotions. Never go for plugins that post automated tweets, it greatly affects your referral traffic. Hence, compose your own tweet with relevant hashtags and mentions.

You can also indulge in twitter chats, as twitter is an open platform for people to share their views and opinion which further brings more traction to your blog post.

  • Tell your story on Facebook

While a tweet can only give you sneak peek to the blog, Facebook opens the doors to more creative ways to promote your blog post. Add more value to your content, go for the storytelling approach rather than being straightforward and promotional. Schedule your posts well in advance, ensure not repeating the same post on your social platforms. Modify and work on your posts using the suitable formats.

  • Link the blog post with LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn has its own platform to host the written content, promoting or re-publishing your blog on LinkedIn will not bring traffic to your blog. If you want to maintain your presence on LinkedIn as well as drive traffic, repurpose some of your blog posts adding links of the original source i.e. your blog post.

One of the most effective ways to promote your blog post on LinkedIn is by sharing it in the relevant LinkedIn groups. Check for groups that are suitable for your content and where you’ll find your target audience. Participate in healthy discussions as it helps drive traffic as well as build your brand image.

  • Share the blog post on Google+ communities and other forums

Just like LinkedIn, Google+ communities help the users connect with groups sharing similar interest. While LinkedIn focuses more on professional activities, Google+ has enthusiasts from all levels and backgrounds, which makes it more important to share the blog and reach more as well as diverse audience.

Target forums like reddit and Quora where your blog turns out as an answer to people’s queries. This in turn helps get more niche audience. Answer user’s questions and share your materials.

  • Create social media campaigns for blog promotion

Open more gateways to increasing readership of your blog. Built social media campaigns, lure the audience with some incentives by highlighting the best entries for your blog post. As all the power is to you, choose your content format- blog, infographic, video or social media posts and promote it with a campaign.


Try these effective ways for promoting your blogs on social media platform and get set to grab the eye balls.