Digital marketing and strategizing highly depends on the services of search engine optimization companies. But, as tides are changing, most companies are now including video marketing as an important marketing strategy. Be it the how-to guides, online education or promotion of new services; video marketing has proved itself to be the next big thing in terms of ways a business house communicates with their prospective consumers.

The increasing significance of video marketing for business growth has resulted in some important video marketing trends that we see today.

  • Live streaming videos: These are becoming increasingly popular, because they are unadulterated and are also comparatively cheaper. These live videos are devoid of primary investment and can be easily created anywhere and at any time. In addition, it can be uploaded and retained on the company’s website, which can be used for promotional purposes.
  • Videos on mobiles and other devices: Since people now surf the internet on their mobile devices more than they do on desktop ones, the design and production has been molded to suit mobile screens more than the static ones. The shape of the videos is also designed keeping in mind our excessive use of concise screens in mind. That’s why we come across vertical or square-shaped videos.
  • Videos for online education: One of the most effective uses of spreading content across visual media is using it to solve a pain point for the audience; a term coined for this is e-learning. The concept helps companies communicate with its prospective customers, often through solutions and with clarity. This makes it one of the most informative and powerful marketing concepts.
  • Vlogging – the new face of blogging: Its fresh, new and personalized approach has made companies realize how this could be a relevant marketing tool for them to promote the growth of their business. The best search engine marketing services paired with a video in the blog, give the vloggers a chance to earn more money.


Video marketing not only increases visibility of content but also promotes business growth. It encourages personal approach thus making company popular among the people. It’s one of the most promising of all upcoming marketing strategies for content on digital platforms.