Tips to creating shareable content

Tips to creating shareable content

A great social media content is the key to popularity. It all depends on the power of your content- the more your content shared, the more its visibility, the more its reach, and the more your business. But the big question is how to develop a ‘sharable content’? Social media works effectively only if the content creates a desire to share. The content can be shared due to several reasons.

Let’s discuss a few triggers that make your content shareable:

  • Social Validation

Human psychology has a strong desire to make approvals. Hence, we fulfil this need by expressing our actions, opinions and decisions. According to a study, 32% people are more likely to up-vote an already liked comment. Hence, the need for validation leads to popularity which is directly proportional to person’s mind.

Ensure that you have clearly visible sharing buttons along with the count around your published content.

  • Entertainment

According to a study conducted by Jonah Berger, author of ‘Contagious’ a popular book, he found that positive news are more likely to get shared and have potential to go viral. Content consisting of emotions like delight, excitement, anger, frustration, anxiety and so on get more shares than the ones with sadness. Another study states that 61% of online shares share interesting thing while 43% share funny and 29% share unique content.

Create positive emotions and reactive content which triggers sharing. Include stories to make content shareable, memorable and engaging.

  • Interests

Internet gives you the power to connect with like-minded people while content is the key to engage with people. A single tweet or content post can help you get new followers, as well as rekindle your old connections. NYT Insight Group reports that 73% people share to grow and nourish the relationships.

Share content that is related to the trending topics or the ones that lead to a debate or discussion.

  • Causes and beliefs

As reported by Berger, 68% of people share things that they want to portray themselves as (who they are and what they care about). 84% share the content to support a cause or an issue they care about.

Make sure that you share content that is relatable to your audience. Research thoroughly about the needs and desires of your audience to create a content which helps relate them.

  • Content Value

Berger reported that the articles which get more shares are not only interesting and surprising but also informative.  Almost 94% of people assess the usefulness of the content before they share it as their reason for sharing is to add value to life to others.

The key to creating valuable content is by addressing the FAQs or sharing tips and ‘how-to’ type content. This helps drive more traffic through search engines too.

  • Presentation

Your first impression is the last impression. Yes, the same goes with content too. It is very important to present your content in visually compelling and organised manner. Typography, content placement, colours, design, etc. everything should be in sync.

Use headers, sub-heads, titles, highlights, bullets and so on to make your content easily readable. Give out the actual message in crisp and simple manner.

Wrap up

Remember the people use your content to better themselves and add value to their life. So, if you are a content or copywriter working with a creative advertising agency ensure that you make the process smooth and easy.