Tips to Create a ‘BIG Brand Theory’

Tips to Create a ‘BIG Brand Theory’

Branding is one of the most important factors of a company when it comes to creating a goodwill and developing the trust of your customers. It is all about presentation. The way you present your name, imagery, reputation through several ways such as logo, ads, apps, websites, marketing materials, social media, blogs and so on.

Branding is all about defining your business for yourself and your customers. It could also be referred to as business identity. Having a strong brand identity can help connect with the audience in a great way as they share the same values and belief which in turn helps lead higher sales, develop brand loyalty as well as create brand differentiation.

Enroot the following tips to create your ‘BIG Brand Theory’

  • Know your target audience

Research and review about your customers, know who they are, what they think and what are the triggers that lead them to your brand. Google yourself find out what others are talking about your brand. Find out what people think of you and then match your business offerings to their needs.

  • Define your brand

The character of your brand should promote your business and connect with the audience, differentiating you in the market. A strong element of your company’s values and beliefs help connect with the customers and create a buying decision. Thus, your brand identity should be consistent and reinforcing continually.

  • Positioning

You develop your own character, your own personality and your own position. The way you position yourself in the market, determines how customers think of you in comparison to other competitors. Whatever you choose to communicate should be reflected in your marketing copies, promotional materials, and images.

  • Develop an online platform

Build your own online platform such as website, blogs, news articles, PR. Amplify these content on several social media platforms and engage with your customers on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linked In or even via Email. Make use of alternative ways and means to deliver your message.

  • Weave your brand network

Keep your customers updated about the developments and progress of your brands. Let the know what more you have in store for them. Weave your brand through the network of activities that you carry.

  • Be consistent

Maintain a set of brand guidelines to ensure that your brand works in consistent manner. Connect with your customers in a consistent tone of voice. As it is very important to make sure that your potential customers develop trust and loyalty with your brand. Also, it helps in reinforcing business character.

  • Produce Value for your product

Ensure that you produce value for your product. Make your product / service stand out from all your competitors. Identify the value that you provide and how does it differ from the value that the competitors provide. And the most important how is it going to benefit the customers.

  • Spread brand awareness

Start spreading brand awareness through several ways such as creating infographics, setting up referral programs, partnering with local business, running a social media contest, having a remarketing campaign and so on.


It is as simple as that! So, are you set to make your brand awesome?