Things that matter the most and how to achieve them!

Things that matter the most and how to achieve them!

We live in a highly competitive era that demands us to run behind chasing our primary purpose continually. We put in our best of efforts and time to achieve what we aspire. However, in this race, we tend to miss out on celebrating the little things that bring us happiness and gets us closer to our loved ones and friends. This article will talk about a few essential points to live a good life and how to achieve them


Health: Good health is the best gift in itself. It helps you to live life at the fullest. It needs special attention and consciousness to ensure that you’re healthy. Ill health acts as an obstacle towards achieving your dreams and success. Hence, it is crucial to take good care by eating healthy, having discipline, adequate sleep, and working out.  

Values: Our values, principles, ethics and beliefs define what kind of person we are. It is of utmost importance to follow our values every moment, whether in the professional workspace or personal space. It remains constant and helps us build relationships with people. It doesn’t need you to be a genius, following the basics rules taught during the school value education lectures suffice.  

Love: Love is unarguably the best feeling in the world. It is something that helps you connect with yourself, others and the world around you. It provides you with happiness and a sense of fulfilment. It would help if you freed yourself from limiting self-beliefs, hatred, negativity, and anger. How to live a life in alignment with love? The answer is to start spreading love and acting on it.

Happiness: Happiness is not about the destination; it’s about the journey. A single instance or thing can’t make you permanently happy. Satisfaction is about enjoying all the little things that come your way. Be it good weather, good food or good company. Most people spend their lives running after happiness when all they have to do is stand and appreciate things they already have!

Experiences: Your experiences make you stronger. Whether good ones or bad, it always gives you lessons to implement in day-to-day life. You become bold and challenging if you consider the bad ones while you feel happy and cherish those sweet and good experiences that you’ve had in life. It acts as a foundation for you to take actions and work towards your bigger dream.

Purpose: This is the most critical aspect of living. You must know your purpose in life; it involves what you want to be and what you need to achieve. Living without a goal is a complete waste of time and energy. Purpose defines how your future will be. All you need is sheer dedication and passion for accomplishing what you truly desire in life.

Creation: With the term creation, it doesn’t necessarily mean making new things. It is only learning, perfecting our trade/art and being the better version of ourselves. We all are born with a talent which we need to work on and make it sharper. Every individual may need a different set of time to master it and convert it into skills. It will give you a lifetime of satisfaction and impeccable knowledge.

These are some of the essential things in life. It would help if you kept feeding your mind, soul and body with goodness that life has to offer and fulfilment and happiness will naturally come to you.

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs