The Rule of Screens

The Rule of Screens

Flat world devices, pushing humans apart.

A few days back early one morning I saw my wife engrossed in some textual conversation on her cell phone while I waited patiently for my usual cup of morning tea. After waiting a few minutes (when I did not get my tea) I sent her a text – ‘it would be great if I can get some tea’. The reaction was immediate, I got my tea in the next 10 seconds (it was barely warm as it was ready for some time but forgotten as she was concentrating on the screen).

Its become difficult to have a conversation with somebody who is concentrating on a screen, you don’t know if they are listening to you or not. So you have to communicate to them in a way they are used to (when my call for tea went unheard, I changed the method of communication to what’s app message that got an instant reaction).

Screens (cinema, television, laptop, tablet, mobile) have become a part of peoples lives and the most popular among them without doubt is the mobile phone. Thats the place where new content gets created by the minute and it cuts across all the other screens. While watching a movie people post/ tweet about it and reviews are created. Constant discussions are happening on whats app on who is going to exit a popular reality show. You also share an interesting article you finished reading in your laptop on Facebook / Linkedin and so on.

All discussions have become screen based, the flat devices that has helped in making the world flat has widened the gap between humans who are very near and dear.

It’s bring people who are far away closer and is driving apart people who are close.