The Art of Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways that brings your brand to life. It forms one of the main components of content marketing. Stories are something that people like to hear, they can relate to, have an emotional connection with. By giving your brand an identity by sharing stories which talks about your business / brand, you can take your target audience on a journey they yearn to experience. For your consumers to form a personal connection with your brand, your storytelling must be authentic, creative and inspirational.

Also known as ‘emotional branding’, storytelling is a progressive marketing strategy that has the potential to drive revenue and increase customer retention. How a person feels about your brand typically determines whether they will buy your product or not. When you tell a story that gives it a human connection, you create an experience that resonates with your customers.

Follow the TRUTH philosophy

Topical – Is it the right time to tell this story? Is your audience looking for the information now? This is especially true if your content is seasonal or specific to time. It would be wrong to publish stories about budgeting when your audience is focused on tax time.

Relevant – You cannot have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ story. You need to make it relevant to your audience you’re trying to reach. If you’re marketing to multiple audiences or buyer personas, you need to design  a strategy on how you can create stories to appeal specific segments.

Unusual – If you really want to cut through, come up with something unique in your story. Fractured fairytales with unexpected twists is always appreciated by the audience.

Trouble –One thing that hooks your audience is when there is some sort of conflict to tell a story. Where is the conflict in your story? What makes it interesting?

Human – No one wants to be friends with your brand. They do, however, get very interested in the human element surrounding your brand. Put a human face on your stories and you’ll have a lot more success.


Your brand is just a commodity without a good story. There has to be a connect, an emotional one that grips your audience’s sensitive side. You will have to help them feel things they want to feel. Putting your audience at the heart of your story demonstrates your empathy towards them. It’s the fastest way to build a loyal audience.

Authenticity is the key

This is no news, but it is vital. Your audience needs to feel that whatever you are saying is true to be authentic. Consumers are prepared for calls to action and understand how marketing works. They’re willing to trade a certain amount of privacy to get the information you want to share. Trust is the most valuable characteristic your brand can possess.

A successful storytelling

You need to start thinking about stories that your brand can tell to connect with your audience. You benefit from communicating your information in such a way that it etches in the brain your customer. Make your customer the hero of your stories and consider how letting them speak for you gives your business more credibility. Above all, be honest and transparent when presenting yourself to ensure that your audience have a sense of trust in you.


Storytelling may seem childish, but it is one of the biggest successes of marketing your content. Your brand can continue to reign in your customers’ minds with the strategy of storytelling. Very importantly, rely on the TRUTH philosophy and you’re on your way to brand storytelling success.