We’ve been speaking about the advent of the Screen based consumption patterns of consumers for sometime now. Meshing of related content on multiple devices would give birth to a new era of multiscreen consumers, who will determine the fate of brands and their advertising strategies as we move ahead.

More than 90% of our Media consumption today is screen based. Consumers today increasingly spend more time making decisions in front of these screens. As the size of these screens reduces, they become more and more personal. From a Cinema Screen to a Television Screen to a Laptop to a Tablet to a Mobile Phone and now finally down to the Wearables.

At IdeateLabs, we have termed this new breed of consumers as “Screenagers”.

The Screenagers are forcing the modern marketer to rewrite the Marketing rule books. Research by Facebook suggests that 60% of us already use more than one device, and this will undoubtedly increase as Smart Phones and Tablets become cheaper and Wearable devices become the latest addition to the multiple screen community.

As a result, the Screenagers provide brands with the opportunity to amplify their message and improving exposure, thereby increasing ROI on their advertising spends. Communicating with the screenagers is more about Storytelling than about the frequency of messaging. And we as Communication professionals need to become comfortable with telling the same story in multiple ways, using multiple screens.

IdeateLabs spends a lot of its time working with brands on this very storytelling. We believe that there are a lot of content hungry screenagers out there, and only the brands who can work towards satisfying this hunger will be the ones to reap rich benefits in the years to come.

Write to us at IdeateLabs and we would love to walk you through our learnings on the Screenagers and some amazing case studies of how brands are engaging with them.

This is a first post in the series of Screenagers, look out for more over the next few weeks. The next one in the series speaks about who are these “Screenagers”.