More Action, More Motivation

More Action, More Motivation

Motivation is the most crucial aspect of the success of any individual, team or organization. It is something that brings out extraordinary from the ordinary. Motivation enables one to perform better, showcase consistency, and enhance their skill sets. Everyone needs the motivation to go that extra mile and achieve beyond imagination. Here is a simple mantra for motivation – Always tell yourself, ”I am doing this for me and my happiness”. Nothing in this world can make you as motivated as yourself, your aspirations, dedication and passion for achieving something in life.

Another critical thing you should remember is – Think big but start small. For example, you have never been a runner before, but now you want to get into running and complete a marathon shortly. You have your eyes fixed on the goal, and you are all ready to start the journey. It’s your first day of running, and you are out of breath and tired by the end of 1 kilometer and start questioning your abilities and if you’ll ever be capable of completing a marathon that is 42 KM long. It will intimidate you and eventually demotivate you, and make you give up on the goal altogether. You might even question where it all went wrong.

I’ll tell you where – you expected too much too soon. It would be best if you were motivated enough to set a goal, but you also need to be smart enough to strategize a plan to reach your goal. It would help if you started easy, set small targets which will help you go towards the bigger goal. In this case, to run a marathon, you need to start by getting comfortable with running just 1 km, then increasing it bit by bit, step by step, km by km. As you progress towards your goal, you’ll be more motivated than ever; since you accomplished something you aspired. It will make you happy, boost your self-confidence and inspire you to procure higher day by day.

Whether it is an individual, team, or organization, it is of utmost importance to plan, chalk out strategy, and diligently follow the roadmap. People usually talk about using positive motivation, but many times negative forms of motivation work wonder too. Though it is undesired, the results and learnings you get are commendable. Motivation in any form pushes your intrinsic self and empowers you to break your boundaries.

The key takeaway here is to start taking small steps towards the goal, and with each step, it’ll gain momentum, and the motivation will continue to rise. Now, when you know how motivation helps people achieve goals, let’s go ahead and be a motivator in others’ lives!  

– By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs