Managing Organizational Talent & Culture during COVID-19

Managing Organizational Talent & Culture during COVID-19

Effective management of organizational talent and culture plays a crucial role especially during the lockdown period. Every business is skeptical about what will happen next. Newer brand messaging and strategies are being implemented by companies keeping technology and digital at its core. With work-from home being the new normal, every individual and business entity is adapting with the change in the work pattern.

There is a huge shift in the sentiments of every employee due to enormous job layoffs and businesses getting shut. A fear of losing jobs and sustenance is ruling on every mind. HR professionals play a crucial role in keeping employees motivated and reassuring them of their job safety. They chalk out various activities to keep employees aligned with the company’s vision-mission, arrange mentorship sessions, and organize engagement activities for busting stress.

Time management is a common problem that most people are facing these days as they are not just committed to the official work but are also bound to personal roles and responsibilities. This gives rise to stress which results in negative impact on work. Various mentorship and counseling sessions on managing time efficiently is a must. Planning and optimal work allocation is the key to success. Prioritizing work and setting own timelines works wonders.

Uncertainty is largely prevailing across the nation. It is advisable to communicate and share the latest developments with the employees on a regular basis to keep them in know of the current situation. The qualities of resilience, flexibility and standing tough during adverse situations matters the most. These measures warrant adequate management of the organizational talent and holds the people together to sustain during hardship and overcome hurdles.

role model plays an important part during this condition. The senior leadership team and managers need to step up, act as the mentors and stand beside the team to resolve issues. Constant communication and guidance are the need of the hour. Narrating success stories on personal and group level reinforces the team to think out of the box when need arises. A leader must always keep in mind that their every action is closely observed hence, being cautious is of utmost importance.

It is essential for the companies to effectively manage their talent pool and keep the values and culture intact as it is the foundation that acts as the pillar of success.

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs