Lessons learned by the global crisis

Lessons learned by the global crisis

COVID-19 pandemic was a surprise that no one saw coming. It got spread at a rapid pace and changed our perception towards everything. The lockdown was harsh on people as it left some jobless and many companies bankrupt. However, everything that comes our way teaches us a lesson and opens our eyes to deal with things differently. These are the few learnings that this pandemic taught each one of us.

We learned to adapt and flourish in the trying times: The work environment completely changed overnight. Entire office staff from all the industries were forced to work from home. It was a challenge initially to get the workflow back on track. From sorting out the work stations to sorting out office meetings, we learned the most important thing- Teamwork plays a key role. The adjustment period was big and completing the tasks on time was a hassle, but as the time went by, we adapted to it and learned to flourish during these tough times.

Everyone came together and worked hard to not just complete their tasks but provide quality output and deliver jobs that matter the most. Without great team efforts it could never have been possible.

Supporting one another: Work from home wasn’t the only challenge the pandemic had to offer. With the entire nation under lockdown a lot of people faced difficulties with their personal life and mental health. The strongest sword to fight this was the support of each other. People took initiative to offer a listening ear, help each other out in whichever way possible and supported each other. One of the worst punishments given to prisoners is keeping them in isolation. It is fair to say that the isolation is equally, if not more, dangerous than coronavirus. Thankfully we all had each other, virtually if not physically, to help during these difficult times.

Stay away from negativity: With all the media filled with news about the pandemic and cases, it was a challenging task to stay away from negative thoughts. But we eventually realized that it is not permanent and it too shall pass over a period of time. We kept our morale high in order to sail through these tough situations. Some of the best ways to keep yourself distracted from negativity was channelizing your energy towards something creative, opting for hobbies, meditation, exercising, yoga and of course not overthinking on one particular topic.

The list of such learnings is endless. Do share lessons that the pandemic taught you!

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs