Leadership behaviour that matters the most in 2021

Leadership behaviour that matters the most in 2021

Everybody aspires to get a leadership position. It is possible with efforts, passion, dedication and perseverance. But not everyone can play the part or can make a difference in others’ lives. A people-first approach is what makes an effective leader. But it is beyond managing or getting things done by the team. 

The golden rule is to treat people the way you’d like them to treat you. It is not always about understanding, but the motivation, setting examples, showcasing equality amongst all, and respect. 

Respect: It is indeed said that respect is not a one-way feeling; it is mutual. One needs to understand that you will not get that in return if you do not respect others. These unprecedented times have proven that we must all stand up for each other and understand what others are going through by putting ourselves in their shoes. Respect is earned and not received just by doing a great job or achieving success.

Compassion: The business scenario has changed. The traditional work culture where there were strict hierarchy and top-level domination has dimmed. The closed desk space has transformed into an open work culture. Professional relationships have changed. The pandemic has impacted many people adversely, and they’ve lost many things during this period. People are going through mental health issues due to the long quarantine period. As the government allows offices to function and businesses to start, showing compassion and understanding others plight is essential. Do not let your business goals dominate your actions for undesired behaviour.

Flexibility: The pre-pandemic era had strict structure and processes. But continuing the same during this period isn’t advisable. It is vital to offer flexibility to the staff as they will need time to transition towards normalcy. It can start with being flexible with timings to flexibility in work. Prioritization must be on the top. Setting jobs and aligning tasks to the teams require a thorough mapping of what is most important and what can be followed later. 

Be Decisive: Businesses need to bounce back; profits need to be considered, which involves decision making at its core. It is crucial to take risks and think beyond the set guidelines towards the attainment of goals. However, a leader must be mindful of taking decisions. Keeping an open mind and open ear, the leader, must inspire and cultivate the attitude to get the job done for a loyal and productive team.

Culture: Life and work-life has been unpredictable for the second year in a row. Organizational values and culture bind the workforce, making the office a second home. They are crucial in challenging times. The leadership must display behaviour that reflects these values, so similar traits become inherent to the team, in the office, while working from home and in their personal lives.

Everyone should be compassionate and showcase empathy, whether in a leadership position or a beginner level employee. The system must involve not just the revenue-making team but also the hospitality staff and guards. 

Think before you act – this is the key to bring in positivity and lead a team like a true leader! 

-By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs