Leadership and Work Ethics during crisis management

Leadership and Work Ethics during crisis management

Whenever there is a crisis, people look up to their leaders for direction. A leader needs to be confident, resilient and show them the way forward. During a crisis, being optimistic plays an important role in providing the correct direction as well as ensuring a learning atmosphere on coping with the situation. Great leaders have sailed through rough seas just by having a clear focus on their goals, objectives, and vision.

A crisis, if not managed well, can affect the work culture and motivation levels. It is a leader’s responsibility to ensure that the team remains positive throughout. Planning, prioritizing, strategizing, and crafting solutions comes next. Any crisis can be managed through while maintaining a calm head and a well thought out approach. Here are a few tips for the leaders to sustain a positive work environment and culture.

Accountability: A leader must take charge and stand with the team during difficult situations leading from front to handle unforeseen challenges. A great leader ensures that the team is getting all the necessary guidance and support to combat the crisis situation. This bolsters the team’s confidence and provides them the courage to face the difficult situations. Being understanding and supporting the team helps build long-term relationships.

Supportive atmosphere: It is a leader’s responsibility to support their teams and help them in their pursuit to accomplish their goals. Adequate guidance and directions are required for the team to implement the planned workflow. Appropriate allocation of work and optimum utilization of resources helps in combating issues related to work and helps in maintaining a positive work environment. A good leader keeps the team first, appreciates them for their dedication and results.

Encourage creativity and Innovation: During the crisis, all the ideas and suggestions must be taken into consideration. Every team member must be motivated to come up with their thoughts and ask questions, if required. This exercise helps in analyzing the best resources and having a healthy competition within the organization. It increases the quality of work and helps the team grow in personal and professionally, hence resulting in an overall positive work culture.

As a leader you need to keep focusing on improving and enriching the work environment. You need to lead by example and solve issues that arise for achieving the objectives.

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs