Keys to gain credibility as a leader

Keys to gain credibility as a leader

It is essential for every leader to have a team that looks up to them and showcases respect not just in front of him but even when they are not around. This is possible only when the team believes that their leader is credible. Credibility is very important when it comes to managing a team in the desired manner to achieve the end objective. Here are few tips that can help a leader in gaining credibility and increasing the number of admirers and followers.

Be humble: Humble leaders are considered as the best leaders. There are various reasons why being humble is of utmost importance when it comes to leadership. Humble leaders inspire trust and teamwork. They lift others up and find joy in their success. All these traits make a leader more trustworthy and credible.

Active involvement: Showcase passion and commitment to the team members by getting involved and guiding them to overcome their challenges. Be proactive, get to know your employees and take interest in uplifting knowledge and productivity of the individuals and the organization as a whole. Being involved decreases chances of blunders and panic situations.

Never showcase negativity: It is crucial to understand that nobody is perfect. As a leader, one must make sure to never speak ill about any team member. As a leader one must stop gossip and encourage the team to do the same. Gossip is a symptom of lack of trust and it needs to be eradicated as early as possible as it leaves a long-term impact.

Monitor your emotions: Employees look up to their leaders. When things are uncertain, they seek advice to resolve their issues. A leader must make a point to keep their emotions in check, especially their temper. Team is only as good as its leader. As a leader you need to show you are confident and calm no matter what the situation is.

Be honest: ‘Honesty is the best policy’, this is a very old saying but is relevant even today. This amps up the value of a leader and aligns the team with the vision and mission of their business entity. Humble leaders witness proactive team members, job satisfaction of the team, work-life balance and report great health of the employees.

These were few things a leader can do to increase their credibility. Got any more tips on the same? If yes, we would love to hear!

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs