Social Influencer marketing is different from traditional marketing because of several reasons. As followers of a social media influencer follow them out of choice, they are quite eager and interested to view their content. Hence, the content even if sponsored won’t seem pushy and spammy.

Some of the key benefits of influencer marketing are:

  1. Unlimited Sharing Potential

With paid advertising tactics, there’s a ceiling to your reach since you pay for certain impressions. But with influencer marketing, ROI is high because campaigns have unlimited potential. A campaign also has a chance to be shared and even go viral. The more sharable the content is the more an influencer helps in attracting attention with it over and over again.

  1. Higher ROI

Research has shown that the benefits of influencer outreach outweigh the costs and that the return on investment in influencer marketing can be very high. Surveys suggest that, on average, brands with an influencer marketing program received six times in earned media value for every $1 of paid media. Using influencer outreach in your marketing strategies often pays off.

  1. Relatable to the social media audience

Social media influencers know that the prospective consumers spend their most time on social media. As many people spend hours a day on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc the content social media influencers post help brands in connecting with the prospective consumers better.

  1. Builds Trust and credibility

Since, consumers follow influencers willingly, the given personality’s shared content brings credibility to the mentioned company. The popular and authoritive an influencer is the better the brand looks in public’s eyes. It shows that the brand is an industry leader and is trustworthy.

  1. Traditional ads don’t work anymore

 Since the tides are changing, consumers are becoming immune to traditional advertisements. While some years ago, every other publisher ran the same layout with a banner ad in the header and multiple ad units in the right-hand sidebar.  But, because of the evolving technology, consumers are using software to prevent ads from popping up. So, even if you release an excellent ad and expect decent conversion rates, the users with ad blockers will never encounter your offer.


So, these were some of the biggest benefits of social media influencers in your marketing campaigns. As these techniques derive success, companies have started to set aside dedicated budgets for it. But having said that, no marketing strategy with long term benefits show results overnight. Selecting the right influencer, digital marketing services and a social media agency for your marketing campaign could be a game changer for you.