Importance of feedback for today’s leaders

Importance of feedback for today’s leaders

Knowledge has no limit. It is vital for everyone to keep learning and growing constantly. Leaders must encourage everyone to enhance their knowledge and explore newer avenues. However, a leader’s knowledge expands when they encourage their team to share honest feedback and suggestions. This is only possible when they keep their ego aside, ask questions and urge others to share constructive feedback. Feedback gives a precise understanding about your strengths and weaknesses and opens a plethora of options to improvise.

Why is feedback Important: Receiving feedback and working on it will not only ensure personal development but also help in speeding up the growth and development process. It will result in transparency, trust, accountability and make the leader more influential. Leaders who kept the doors closed for receiving criticism or feedback have eventually failed. One cannot suffice without acceptance and adaptation.

Receiving feedback: Constructive feedback works wonders. A leader must start taking the initiative of asking employees to share feedback often. It is crucial to keep a check on your emotions while receiving feedback. If not taken care of, it can threaten a sense of belongingness in the team. A leader must keep an open gateway for the employees to trust and open up their true feelings. Regular feedback and actions towards improvisation leads to perfection.

Analyzing the feedback: Feedback is the reflection and perception of the giver more than the receiver. But if the similar feedback is received from multiple people, it needs to be taken into consideration and evaluated to figure out the gaps. The facts must always be thoroughly checked before coming up on a conclusion. On the other hand, when a leader learns and analyzes the areas of improvement, they must go ahead with crafting a strategy plan to reach the end objective.

Improvisation: Once a leader gets a clear picture of the areas of improvement and the strategy is finalized, it is essential to let the colleagues know about the plan. This will not just make them feel valued on considering their feedback but also fetch more respect and loyalty towards the organization. This will keep them fueled to further get back with ideas and suggestions to make the plan better.


  • Realize that feedback is important and helps you learn and grow further
  • Make a habit of receiving feedback from your people
  • Analyze all the feedbacks and look for common themes
  • Make a plan to improve upon it
  • Share your plan with your people to show them that you value their feedback.

By Vrutika Dawda, Director, IdeateLabs