How to use Twitter effectively for your business?

How to use Twitter effectively for your business?

Twitter has become a powerful marketing tool for many businesses. So, how can you use the popular social media site to drive more traffic to your business or your website? Here are some of the effective ways to help you successfully market our business on Twitter.

Optimize your Twitter bio

The first step towards effective optimization of your Twitter page is to update your bio. You need to ensure that it speaks out what your brand is all about. A bio is like an identity that replicates what you are selling to your customers. It will help people understand what are you offering to them. Also, include a link to your company website or a landing page. You need to maintain a consistent tone for people to relate to your business.

Market your business on Twitter

If you are a business entity making use of Twitter to market your business, then you need to tweet regularly. Regular tweeting means you are active and are willing to offer your services. If you want to market yourself in the Twitter world, then you need to have an active profile. Tweeting once a week or once a month won’t really works for you. Moreover, Twitter folks tend to forget about your existence. Creating an impact about your business requires a constant touch with your audience.

Regular tweeting will help you market your business

Tweeting regularly helps you stay active on the news feeds. It also boosts your ranking in the search engine results. If you are not using your company’s name as a Twitter handle, then make sure to include it in the bio section. Bio is the first thing that people read or when they search online. Twitter bio will help in listing your page on the first page of the search results.


It is good to share your products/services.  But it is also necessary to retweet useful information to encourage others to read. This will help you accomplish two goals at one time. This demonstrates that you are not just boasting about your business, but also willing to share tips and advises. This will encourage influencers to start following you.

Whom you can follow

There are millions of people in the Twitter world. But choosing the ones to follow would be apt if you can narrow down who is useful to your business. You need to follow those people who can directly benefit your business as well. There are different ways to track these people. You can use the Twitter search engine to search for tweets from people who use pegs related to your business. It will then provide you a list of people and influencers you can check out. In addition, Twitter will also give you a list of top tweeters, which you can probably follow.

Track your Twitter mentions

Apart from tweeting, retweeting and following your prospects, you also need to track mentions. You need to track brand mentions and keywords and respond appropriately. You also need to check what is being said about you. It is important to respond back. Customer service is the new marketing. Many customers post queries and complaints about the product or service on Twitter. You must ensure that you respond to your customer complaints in a professional manner.

Follow trends and hashtags

You need to follow trends and hashtags on Twitter. Search for topics and hashtags that can be related to your brand. Your Twitter profile will be seen when people search for a particular hashtag. Tagging your posts with those trending hashtags can help you reach new users. However, exercise caution while using hashtags. Hashtags are often seen as spam if overused or linked with inappropriate content.

Give a visual appeal

Twitter also offers you an opportunity to share visual content. Use images and videos in your content, which help in driving more users to your Twitter handle. Images and videos are a rich spirce of media content that receives more views, clicks and shares.

Integrate Twitter in other marketing activities

Ensure that Twitter is included in other forms of marketing activities you do. Twitter is as effective as other forms of social media platforms. It is more effective if you can integrate it into your business marketing activities. If you are hosting a contest on Twitter, let your email subscribers know about it.

Different customers have shown a keen interest in receiving alerts and latest updates from you. You can occasionally tweet a link in your mailing list. This will  help you tap your Twitter followers who may be willing to get information from you via email.

Use Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics is the best tool to see how your business is flourishing on Twitter Check analytics regularly to know what type of content resonates with your audience. What type of content was liked and shared amongst various demographics, and who are following you. Certain tweets may work appropriately. If they don’t, then you have to re-evaluate your posts and rework using a different strategy.


Twitter is a great tool to communicate information to your followers. A tool to engage with them to start a two-way communication and engagement.