How to go viral using different types of visual content?

How to go viral using different types of visual content?

In the digital era, where the world is flooded with endless content mix it is very important for you to make a unique impression in people’s mind. Visual content plays a vital role to help you stand out among the rest. 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Hence, using visual content is the best way to engage and connect with the audience.

While using content marketing, visual content is greatly used to create visual impact in context to message that you want to give out. Visual content makes the information easy to understand, refer and share. There are several types of visual content that can be used for different purposes.

Let’s look at some types of visual content that can help you go viral:

  • Images and photos

Photos and images play a major role for the brand as it helps them make more relatable. Thus, creating the face of the brand. Using photographs of ‘behind-the-curtains’ scene helps pump up the excitement among audience about the brand. It can also be useful to showcase your products and services. Using product in action is one of the best ways to influence buying decision.

Using relevant images helps drive 94% more views compared to not using images. Additionally, 65% information of the image is more likely to be retained post 3 days.

  • Infographics

Infographics act as an epitome of visual content. It brings together a lot of information in one easily viewable and understandable visual frame. In the world of social media, infographics are three times more likely to be shared as compared with other type of content. Using infographics for content marketing can help increase profits up to 12%.

  • Videos

Often referred to as the future of digital marketing, videos are the next big thing to grow your business. 64% of shopper’s feel motivated to purchase a product after watching its video. Using the word ‘video’ in an email can increase its open rate by 19%, additionally increasing the CTR by 25%. It is predicted that 74% of internet traffic will be video.

Including video in your content marketing plan helps improve SEO, customer retention, promotes higher engagement and develops strong brand connect.

  • Memes and comics

Social media loves sarcasm, comics and memes to great extent. Memes are not only popular but also attracts huge traffic, users like sharing them and they are real fun to create. Creating your own memes with a dash of humour and positive emotions can be a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Memes is a great way to gain engagement if your brand resonates with younger audience. So go ahead, create memes and make your audience laugh.

  • GIFs

GIFs can be an interesting way of engagement and tell your story. These are mobile-friendly, can be used on multiple platforms as well as cheaper than videos. Promoting gifs becomes more interesting and simple. It is a unique type of content that helps hook more users in both appealing and effective manner.

Final Thoughts

While there are several other types of visual content like presentations, charts, e-books, graphic tutorials and so on. Some of the above-mentioned types have drastically revolutionised the way of marketing. Now it’s time for you to revolutionise your business with visual content.