How to Earn Google Featured Snippets for Mobile

How to Earn Google Featured Snippets for Mobile

A featured snippet is a wonderful way of attracting the visitors to your site. It is the search result that appears at the top of the organic results page and answers the user’s question.

Types of featured snippets 

  1. Tables: This type usually appears in search results for rates, data, lists, and pricing. This type of featured snippet is very popular.
  2. Lists: The advantage of this type of snippet is that the users must click through to view all the information. Lists features results such as recipes, ranked lists, and how-to content or unordered lists.
  3. Paragraphs: This type of snippet is the most common type. It appears in question-based queries.

The most common factors found among the snippets

Visual: Images and visuals build interest among the reader to read the content and make it visually appealing to read.

Reference: Mentioning your sources will ensure credibility. 

Headers and sub headers: The sub headers and headers make the content piece easier to browse through. It also increases the chances that Google will pick your article for the snippet.

Benefits of featured snippets in Google search engine results page

  1. Increase organic visibility: As the featured snippets are the top results, they also dominate the page as well as increase the organic visibility. 
  2. Provide more traffic: Through featured snippets, the users will get quick answers to their queries. This will also encourage more traffic.
  3. Improves credibility: The featured snippets will increase credibility and boost clicks.
  4. The only result for mobile devices: The featured snippets are the only results for voice searches on Google home and Android.

Tips to create featured snippets

  1. Making use of question-and-answer pages: This is a great way to provide value to the users, combine the questions and increase the chances of making it into a featured snippet.
  2. Creating high-quality content: Featured snippets are the top organic results for a query. You need to keep all the standard ranking needs in mind as you create featured content. So, you need to create content that is of high quality, user-focused and entertaining to engage the reader.
  3. Create content only for answering questions: You should create content that is specific to answer questions. If your content does not answer questions, then it will not get into a featured snippet. The Google’s algorithms search through different sites to find the content that will best answer a user’s question. When the content is unveiled in the form of a featured snippet, it makes it easier for the people to find information that they are looking for.

The featured snippets are the most emerging area of focus in SEO. The featured snippets offer many advantages for any site that can use them effectively. The users like featured snippets as they offer quick responses to their questions. This, in turn, benefits the chosen site with an increase in traffic.