How to create visual content to drive traffic to your website?

How to create visual content to drive traffic to your website?

‘Content is king’ is the most clichéd phrase used in marketing. But if Content is King, then Visual Content is Emperor. In the Digital world, people get hooked on to visual content more than text that accompanies it.

We are living in an era where visual content is grasped faster than textual content. Research has proved time and again that visual content has has more recall value and is more engaging compared to textual content.  It has been observed that nearly two-thirds of the people can consume visual content much faster compared to that of the text. Including visual content is important, but the visual understanding of incorporating the content is one of the biggest challenges for companies.

While it is true that driving traffic to the website is a major marketing strategy followed by most companies, but presenting the information in an attractive, fun and engaging way is still lacking in most cases.  Consumers may either close the tab or switch to another source for better information. You need to understand that consumers’ attention spans are shorter, so creating a visually appealing content becomes crucial.

Keep the content short and condensed, and focus on the appeal and engagement. You need to incorporate these factors into your content so that your customers have access to all types of information and would like to stay longer on your website.

There has been an increasing trend towards using visual content. A lot of images, videos, infographics, maps, graphs, etc. are shared with the customers to present latest information and updates in a more engaging way.

Here are the five best ways to increase traffic on your website by effectively using the visual content.

Landing page videos

Videos are the best way to convey messages related to your product/service. It quickly grabs the attention of the consumer due to its appeal and engages him to go through what you have to offer.

Many companies use animated instructional and informative videos as a way to provide information about their product or service in an engaging way to their web visitors.


It has been observed that company websites having a landing page video have noticeably higher number of visitors than the ones without it. When viewers visit your website, they look for a landing page video as they know that it can provide them all the necessary information in a short time span and an appealing way. Adding videos to the landing pages can drastically increase the visit duration on your website.


Infographics helps in giving out all the information that you want to share with your customers. All the latest information is displayed with facts, surveys and figures that makes it more engaging to read.


Infographics work really well as it depicts the information with objects and animation that makes the data  more attractive and tempts the customers to scan through it till the end. When you are planning to include infographics in your content, do your research well. Find out the latest information on your industry. Include facts and figures that may support recent developments. Also, provide an embedded code, so that people can share your infographic image on social media as well.

Blog images

Writing a good blog is definitely a great job. The information that you share helps in building trust amongst your readers. But there are ways that you can make the content on the blogs more interesting. You can include graphs in the blog. Charts are visually more appealing, so you can add charts that will show the importance of the topic being discussed. Infographics adds on a lot more appeal as well. This will provide the information to your customers and also make it interesting for them to read.

A blog with a nice video will attract immediate attention of the reader. Videos also makes it easier for the readers to understand the information. Include visually appealing and unique images in your blog.

You can also integrate your blog concept into an image to make your content more attractive and unique. After you have written an in-depth post, integrate your concept into one single image. You can be creative in incorporating the entire blog into one single image but you need to ensure that your blog image communicates the concept.


Call to action

When you are sharing any information regarding your product or service, call to action buttons are important to guide those visitors towards the next step. By following an effective visual content strategy, you can get leads, prospects that are willing to become your client.

How can you ask your customers to hit on that call to action button?  It is quite simple; just an engaging copy that can tickle their brains to hit that button.  The right color combinations in your content can also drive in the traffic. For example, using red symbolizes a sense of urgency and using green means something good is coming your way.

Here’s a live example of an effective call to action button from Hootsuite.

CTAThe call-to-action button in this example is the “See business plans” which is visible on Hootsuite’s landing page. The placing of this button also plays a crucial role. The ideal placement should be below the header which immediately catches readers’ attention.

Also, the copy supporting the call-to-action should be appealing and engaging to encourage the visitors to click on the CTA.

Client testimonials

The testimonials received from the clients helps in building trust and reliability with the prospective customers and leads, which can help in converting into your future clients. Presenting the testimonials on your website is also an art. You can either show those testimonials in a video form or display the client’s statement along with their picture. And, do not forget to mention the designation and the company at the bottom of the comment. People are interested in knowing who is saying what about you.

client testimonials

Closing words

There are many smart strategies that you can adopt to drive traffic to your website. A visual presentation is one of the strategies that has become popular in the recent times. Visual is something that can hook the customers to increase their duration of stay on your website.

A content with a visual appeal is a powerful tool. It provides the latest information to your customers in a more attractive and engaging way. Always remember, visuals create a bigger impact on people’s mind than the textual content on your website. You should only aim to grab your customers’ attention.