How E-Commerce Businesses are Surviving in 2018

How E-Commerce Businesses are Surviving in 2018

Over the recent years, e-commerce businesses have been booming in India. Whether it’s apparel, groceries or services like hiring a tempo or a delivery person, one can find many types of e-commerce businesses floating on the internet nowadays. The internet has transformed the way people shop and hire services in India, without needing to step out of their homes and face the blaring traffic. With so many e-commerce businesses in the market, how are they surviving? Let’s look into it.

Heavy discounts and free delivery service

If you are an online shopper, every day you are bombarded with discount notifications from different e-retailers. Forget end of season sale, you will find discounts all the year round. Even if you have D-mart near your house, you will prefer to shop online for groceries just to avoid long queues on Sundays. Best part, most e-retailers offer free delivery service with no minimum purchase.

Standard charges for services

If you have had experience with shifting homes, you know how difficult it is to hire a tempo to transport your stuff. There’s negotiation and heckling, which can be completely avoided with e-commerce businesses that offer services of packers and movers, vehicle hiring, etc. There’s no need of negotiation as the charges are standard, and if there are any problem, the service provider can be contacted easily. 

Easy availability of customer service

When you go to a store, there is customer service available for everyone. But what if you go home and discover problems with the product you have purchased? Obviously, you would need to visit the store again to get it sorted. With e-commerce businesses, you can simply call the e-retailer and request for an exchange or refund, and they come to you to get the product in your convenient time. Most customer services are open 24/7. If not, they are open during business hours and you can contact them from wherever you are. 

Mobile commerce

If you have shopped from an e-retailer once, you are surely getting texts promoting their business. This has become a mandatory strategy to survive the e-commerce business. With improved internet connectivity and accessibility to smartphones, mobile commerce plays a crucial role in making sales a success. 

Digital marketing

If you own an e-commerce business and you do not rely on digital marketing, your business might collapse. Digital marketing is important to drive sales, build an audience, and increase brand awareness. There are many digital marketing companies in India that are hired by e-commerce businesses to raise their value online. There are also many digital marketing tools that helps in analysis, therefore, increasing engagement with relevant audience for sale.


E-commerce business in indeed a very lucrative industry. However, like other industries, there is a lot of competition and to survive is a must. Therefore, it is important to think beyond discounts to build brand loyalty, instead of targeting only price-sensitive customers