How Chatbots Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

How Chatbots Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Chatbots are a unique way to reach out to your prospective customers. They also allow the brands to interact with their customers, get useful information and guide them to make a purchase. They are used in dialog systems for various reasons that include customer service or information acquisition. There are certain ways in which Chatbots can help in improving your marketing strategy.

Here’s how chatbots can improve your marketing strategy: 

  1. Allows you to maintain the presence on messenger: The chatbots helps you to be available to your customers on the instant messaging apps 24×7. The instant messaging app helps the users to send messages and give and receive calls without charge. Having a chatbot on Facebook messenger allows the business to be available to customers always. These messaging apps are used by people many times in a day than any other application.
  2. Chatbots for customer service: The Chatbots are used for customer service as they help in addressing queries and they act as an efficient support system. They are self-help tools for improving communications. The brands can use it to develop a rapport with customers and generate more sales.
  3. Chatbots can track user data: The chatbots can gather and monitor the consumer’s data. Tracking user data that are collected by chatbots also allows in identifying common problems that customers are facing and solving them.
  4. Helps the customers to stay on your website: Chatbots also allows the customers to stay on the website for a long time. This technology also helps in increasing the number of site visits and presents the customers with information about your services and products.
  5. Reduces pressure on the social engagement team: The chatbots handles most of the tasks which ultimately reduces the pressure on the social engagement team. The team can perform other tasks such as focusing on specialized issues that the chatbots will not be able to handle.
  6. Helps in building your contact list: Chatbots helps you in building a contact list and it also provides with opportunities such as sending news, information, updates. Many established brands are using chatbots through Facebook. It is a way to automate their business and grow their audience as well.

Types of chatbots 

  1. The keyword recognition-based chatbots: The keyword recognition-based chatbots makes use of customizable keywords to determine how to give a suitable response to the user. For example, if a user asked a question, then the chatbot would use the keywords to best determine which answer to respond with. The keyword recognition-based chatbots provides the users with an option to try asking their questions directly or make use of the chatbot’s menu buttons if the keyword recognition functionality is showing poor results.
  2. Contextual chatbots: This category of chatbots makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn and grow over a period. The contextual chatbot will gather all the data from each conversation and learn what the user likes to order. For example, if the user orders pizza, then when a user chats with this chatbot, it will remember the delivery address, the most common order, and the payment information.  

A chatbot is a medium that offers more opportunities for customer engagement.