How B2B market can leverage on Social Selling to increase sales?

How B2B market can leverage on Social Selling to increase sales?

Social Selling

Social selling simply means selling on social media. Sales people make use of social media platforms to connect with the prospects. Sales and social media marketing professionals answer the questions and queries of the prospects, provide them with quality content and convince them for buying. Sales people use social media to engage with their prospective buyers without being pushy.

It is reported that 72.6% of sales people who use social media as an integral part of their sales process outperform as compared to those who don’t. 23% of salesperson using social media are likely to exceed sales quota by more than 10%. It is beneficial, as 74% of buyers refer social media before making a buying decision.

Using social selling to increase sales

  • Research

Demographics give you important information about your prospective buyers, however social media gives you behavioural insights about your target audience. This includes information about their likes, their employment, their interests and so on. These insights could help you in a great way to create more targeted and relevant content. You can also look for the thoughts and opinions others have about your brand for better understanding, as it can help you improve.

  • Prospects

Social selling is an effective and non-intrusive way of generating leads and developing contacts with prospects. LinkedIn is an excellent platform that allows you search by criteria, location, industry and so on to get the right prospects. The sales team can get involved with the prospects for providing them with information and answering their queries.

  • Connect

LinkedIn is the perfect networking platform for B2B companies. Make the most of this platform by growing your connections and building a network of prospects which hold the potential to turn into new customers. Browse through your industry connections and join relevant groups. Follow blogs, engage in the forums with influencers of your industry.

  • Engage

Get involved in the conversations, talk about your ideas and help your prospects solve their problems. Make valuable contributions such as retweeting posts, answering queries, commenting on blog posts, etc. Position yourself as a pro in the given area, establish a trustworthy and go-to-person image for yourself and your brand. Focus on building trust and credibility and stay on top of your prospects mind.

  • Share

Social selling focuses on being helpful to others. It has great value on social media and can be implemented through various forms such as sharing an important article, introducing one person to the other, thanking and acknowledging people for their work, sharing valuable content and inspirational quotes, giving recommendations and so on.

Social selling focuses about maintaining good connections with marketing division which includes content creation and content marketing strategies. It is a close collaboration between sales and marketing team.