Hottest evolving digital marketing trends

Hottest evolving digital marketing trends

As and how the digital world evolves, the new ways and techniques of digital marketing are also evolving with the help of successful digital marketing strategies. It is very important to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing trends. We have seen the launch of new devices like Apple Watch, Moto 360, Google Glass, wearable devices and apps which have led to more and more engagement of people as well as marketers. With growing number of marketers entering the digital world, there is surely a lot to come our way but you may still wonder in which direction we are going.
However, in this constantly changing digital system, the sooner you market it right the better your chance to stay ahead of the competition and boost your business.
Let’s look at some of the hottest evolving digital marketing trends:

Instagram ads

With most customer’s preference to shop online and browse through multiple platforms. The customers who’ve been active on photo sharing app Instagram may dig into your website as well as the Instagram page to check out products. Thus, shopping instore should be strongly backed by social media. Instagram boosts up the popularity of social commerce by promoting brand products through images and videos with the effective CTA’s like ‘Shop Now’ which direct the user of company’s website.


Chatbots have been one of the effective ways to instantly engage with the customers. It lets you keep the track of your customer’s orders, payment and tracking the delivery item. It doesn’t require the presence of a human and it can be as simple as messaging your friend. Brands like Dominos are already using it.

Live videos

Facebook launched the live streaming feature while Instagram, YouTube and Twitter followed the league. There are several video turning viral due to the live-in-the-moment feature. This feature is a great way for brands to connect with customers and audience. It also increases the authenticity as well as engagement of the audience.

Snapchat geofilters

Snapchat’s geofilter is garnered with skyrocketing popularity. It’s up in trend for its creative way to develop the image that overlays the video or another image. A branch can create a logo and message to its followers and snap chatters. It can be a great tool for engagement with clients and customers.

Content marketing

As they say ‘content is the king’ it is the most important part of any campaign. Content should be powerful, interactive, unique as well as have the capacity to increase and turn viral. At the same time, it should be related to brand and should be helpful in brand building as well as create brand awareness.


While these trends are evolving yet and marketing right through them be a big hit for your brand. Besides, there are several other marketing trends that keep on changing all you need to do is observe the latest one and put it to use and boost your business. While the other conventional digital marketing trends that still rule the market include email marketing, SEO trends, and social media.

The social media population is growing day by day which gives a great opportunity to marketers to market their product and services through different ways.