Here’s How Social Media Helps Increase Traffic

Here’s How Social Media Helps Increase Traffic

It is high time we, as digital marketers, realize the power of social media. Its revolution lies treasured in one of our distant memory boxes, and the mighty social networking sites lie deeply entrenched in all our consciousness. Social media is an integral part of our daily routine, yet there are many entrepreneurs who have not realized or choose to neglect its influence. They fail to comprehend its ability to create brand recognition, garner engagement with the potential target audience, driving traffic and thus, generating leads and conversions. This, however, will only affect if your social media is an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

So, we’ve gathered a few essential benefits that social media gives to your digital marketing strategy. Here they are:

Building Brand Awareness

Like every medium, social media also helps boost your brand’s identity. However, here it gets easy to expand your brand awareness and stand out of the competitors. Social media’s personality makes it possible for you to directly engage and build your customer base, develop a personality for your brand that then drives your business.

Improved Customer Service

There has definitely been a drastic change in the business world because of the digital revolution. Despite this, there has been no change in the importance of good customer services and maintaining relationships. Whether you go for an offline or online medium, this part of any business remains crucial because, in the long run, it translates to increased sales and market longevity.

Social media promotes direct interaction with your customers. Being able to answer frequently asked questions on social media platforms proves to customers that you can keep them interested and engaged and most importantly, happy. Services like IFTTT help setting up “recipes” to automate the listening process. Instantly respond to your customers and this tiny gesture will keep you above your competitors.

Increased Industry Insights

Since you can interact better with your customers on social media, gaining insights from them is easier. This is of utmost importance when it comes to developing new product lines and marketing strategies. The continuous contact with your customers and the industry also gets you into addressing major concerns and complaints from them so that you can work on them and lead your business in a healthy direction. Just responding to complaints on social media platforms can protect your brand’s reputation and retain valued customers.

Gaining Credibility and Authority

With the advent of e-commerce, customers have a greater range of products to choose from, but they do not know which business to rely on. Having a consistent and well-maintained social media page demonstrates a credibility. This proves that you are interested in your customers’ likes and dislikes. Social media platforms are also some of the best places to demonstrate your authority and reputation in a given market. Also, the social media signals you create increases your SEO value and round out your backlink profile. Google admires brands with these activities and those brands who do it, get rewarded for increasing authority. Hire a good social media agency to look into these activities and you will be good to go.

Work on Content Promotions and Drive Traffic

Lastly, social media plays a vital role in promoting your website and content. A foundation for good SEO and digital marketing is by providing the users with some significantly valued content that they will find interactive and interesting. If this happens, there is a high chance of them revisiting your page. Once this happens, they will eventually be lead to your website, thus converting them into buyers. However, there is no point in creating high-quality content if it is not seen by people. The solution? Build social media campaigns around the content you create. Again, your social media agency should be able to do it for you.

Irrespective of the size of your business, social media plays a humongous role in your SEO and digital marketing strategy. Here, we’ve only jotted down the basics of building an organic strategy for social media. Using paid methods will explode your web traffic numbers. These activities usually fit well within most business budgets, going for paid promotions seems like a viable decision. However, ROI is just like any other promotion; you will have to wait for anticipated results. Once your ROI comes in, it’s going to be great! So, the ease and affordability of using social media can definitely be considered as time well spent.