God App! his way or the Highway

God App! his way or the Highway

I recently bumped into a friend who seemed to be a mobile phone addict. She kept using her phone for the entire length of conversation. In fact anything I asked her, she helplessly looked into her smart phone for an answer (reminding me of my kindergarten days when all questions asked to me were gleefully directed towards my mother to answer). Though I love gadgets and have quite a few of them, I was amazed by her dependence on smartphones and its applications and thought her to be one off case. However, my belief was short-lived when I read about Mobile App Addiction Rehab Center in California. Yes, there is something like that too!

With App addiction on the rise, I think, the day is not far when mankind may simply surrender to the hands of technology. Imagine the newspapers headline reading ‘God Application’ for free download. Designed exclusively to take charge of your life, the God App would give prompt inputs on every critical decision you take in life. For instance, if you like a girl and willing to get married to her, but you cannot since the God App has not approved of her yet. The stringent procedure involves feeding all relevant information about her and her family into the App. It would then decide if the girl is ideal for you. If the request is declined, start your search all over again.

Similarly, the Wonder App would tell you what career should you opt for, number of kids you should have, which school your kids should go to, etc.

What do you think our lives be if these fiction Apps become reality? There is no denying the fact that modern Apps today, are potent and capable inventions designed to aid, there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. Would you want an app to decide the course of your life, while you sit back and watch it doing so?

Till we meet again, this is Ibea signing off.