Easy steps to create effective infographics

Easy steps to create effective infographics

They say, ‘a picture speaks more than a thousand words’ and visual content gets 94% more views as compared to the text content. Infographics are said to get 30 times more views compared to a blog or an article. Thus, despite living in the visual world and still not incorporating visual content to promote your brand is a sure way to flatline your business.

In past couple of years, the google search of infographics has increased by 25% while infographics tend to help increase website traffic by 12%. Hence, visual content like infographics has turned being an important part of content marketing.

Here are some of the easy steps that help you create effective infographics:

  • Ideate

Brainstorm on the idea for the infographic you want to make. Pool out some 10-15 ideas and research on the each one to check if any infographics have been made on the same. If yes, then find out what additional information can you add up in your infographic and how can you make it stand out from the rest.

  • Research, plan and write

Once you’ve locked the idea, research, gather and compile the data that you will showcase in your infographic. To make your new storytelling idea work, make sure you present visuals, facts and figures as well as important links at the end of your infographics.

Plan and prepare a structured layout of the infographic content. Keep it clear and logical focusing on the communication with your audience.

  • Choose right colours

Choosing the right color is the key to your customers buying decision. Colors account 85% of the reason for people buying the product, thus color plays a crucial role in creating an infographic. It is said that the 62% of the customers make their decision about brand only by seeing the colors displayed in their ads.

  • Choose right font

After selecting the color, the next important thing is choosing the right font. A font not only adds a character and personality to infographic but also is crucial in building it’s readability. Experiment with several fonts, compare the fonts and choose what goes best.

  • Determine the orientation and hierarchy

Create a wireframe and orientation for your infographics. Vertical orientation is used mostly, so whatever you choose horizontal or vertical, choose wisely. Once the orientation is locked, create the hierarchy consisting of the focal points complementing the infographic design.

  • Create promotion plan

You create infographics to receive engagement from your target audience. Promote it on all the platforms be paid content destinations and social media channels to gain popularity. Reach out to influencers and ask them to feature it in their posts. Make your infographic shareable via social plugins and ask people to share.

  • Set your goals

Make sure you have specific goals and objectives for the infographic. As goals help you measure the performance of the infographic. Whether it helped you meet the objectives or not. Having a great infographic along with marketing plan is indeed needed to meet your goals.


Get set to create infographics with the help of these guidelines and an effective marketing plan, your audience will love it!